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When you are a homeowner, usually after a few years, you will have to face an important decision: should I rip out all my tiled walls to replace my old and deteriorated bathtub or should I put up with the undesirable look of the bathroom to avoid the high costs and all the hassles associated with the project? The answer is normally NO.
If you are well informed the decision is not hard. The route of the conventional remodeling will present you a scenario in which you will have ahead of you a project of several thousand dollars; you will need to tear down pretty much everything (at least the walls around the bathtub if the purpose is to replace it). The project would involve demolition, drywall installation, tiling, plumbing, grouting and you will have to deal with an uncomfortable amount of dust and a big mess in the property that would last for at least a week or two.

At this point you would probably be wondering: "what alternative do I have to avoid all those headaches then?" The answer is very simple: bathtub refinishing. This choice always comes in as a savior of time and stress. There are many advantages to bathtub reglazing (it is also known by this term), if done with the correct company: it takes a few hours only and the bathtub resurfacing processBefore and after picture of bathtub refinishing service by America Refinishing Pros is clean and inexpensive. The price ranges depending on the state and the condition of the bathtub but it would be ranging between $300 to $400 worst case scenario for a savings of an average of 75 to 80% over the cost of replacement.

Bathtub refinishing has many other advantages: as a general rule it requires no permits, the color options are unlimited and the disruption of use is of only a couple days while the durability is similar to that of a brand new bathtub if not more when taken care properly.

If you live in South Florida and think that in need of a bathtub refinishing service visit our website: or give us a call for a free no obligation consultation: (954)860-TUBS (8827). We are one of the most reputable refinishing companies in South Florida and we have a team of highly trained professionals waiting to give you a hand with your project. We use top of the line products and we promise a job of the highest quality in which the bathtub will look like from the manufacturer if not more beautiful. We have plenty of options for you.

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