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Managed IT Services Solution Consulting Firm

Our team of IT Solutions Consulting Firm Experts in South Florida specializes in working with your IT challenges, hardware and software procurement, network security assessments for vulnerability to viruses and hackers, new network design, installation of business IT networks, network administration, office moves, remote access solutions and even help with your cabling needs with our technology services.

Keeping eyes on changing technology

We offer a range of services from network installation, cloud solutions, business continuity, network security, mobile device management, and Apple–Mac support. 

Therefore we service outsourced IT support services to keep your company running around the clock.

We can conduct a no-obligation full audit of your existing IT system which includes network security and cataloging of all hardware and software.

We can assess your business needs provide an evaluation of the existing computer system and offer IT advice on how to improve the efficiency, security, and performance with a full list of recommended hardware and software.

Why Consider a Professional IT Consulting Firm?

It’s often found that well-managed IT consultancy firms with dependable IT consultancy services can add instant value to a commercial or non-commercial organization by facilitating access to the advanced tools and technology proficiency your competition doesn’t possess. IT consultancy is a cost-effective approach for an organization that relies on performance to sustain its day-to-day business operations.

Some significant reasons why consider top IT consulting firms in the US for professional services.


Experience and endowment you won’t get anywhere else

Are you puzzled about the appropriate software technologies that fit your business? Do you wish to save time & money on advanced complex custom software development? All the answers to these questions could be given by the Top it consulting companies in the USA. Practically, in the intricate realm of the IT sector, it’s not easier to achieve an appealing technology environment that enhances your regular business operations by having your relatives who have completed a computer science course in the same college which is run by your IT department. Hence, you must need a team of IT experts that have enough experience in your industry with the latest technologies, comprehend observance regulations, and can make the parallel movement of your systems with your present business goals professionally.


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Fall in love with our Cabling for telephone, office, building, data center, and network installation


BroadMAX Networks prides itself on its cabling installations. The reliability of your network and equipment begins with a solid and well-installed cable infrastructure. We recommend using cat 6 cables to future-proof your network. These installations support PoE (power over ethernet), access control, wireless, LED over PoE, and CCTV solutions.


When planning a fiber optic installation, it is important to have someone with a proper understanding of fiber networks. There are several different kinds of fiber whether it be single or multimode if the multimode is it going to be 50 or 62.5 microns if 50 microns will it be OM3 or OM4, is the fiber loose tube or tight buffered, and which ends to use...SC, LC, or ST?


Just like the rest of our services, we built our access control solution around a PoE IP-based door controller. This makes installation a snap as all we need to run to each door is a single Cat 6 cable. Remote login privileges allow the client to manage credentials, run reports, and monitor live activity from anywhere with an internet connection.


When dealing with security, it’s important to stick with companies that are leading the industry with cutting-edge technology.