What is a root canal?

A Root canal treatment is a dental treatment that involves the removal of soft tissue inside your teeth, called a pulp. The pulp comprises connective tissue, nerves, and blood vessels that help grow your teeth initially.


In most cases, a dentist or endodontist performs a root canal under the sedative medicine local anesthetic. When you or your child see an orthodontist, they will refer you to a general dentist if they find teeth injured or fractured. So in this article, you will learn what root canal treatment is and why it’s compulsory.


When is a root canal needed?

A root canal treatment is performed when the inner part of your teeth, known as the pulp, becomes injured, inflamed, or infected.


The crown of your teeth is the part you see above your gums that can remain intact even when the pulp is dead. So removing the injured part is the best way to save your teeth structure.



What is the common cause of tooth pulp damage?

  • Deep decay due to untreated cavity
  • Multiple dental treatments on the same tooth
  • A chip or cracked teeth
  • An injury to your teeth due to trauma and accident


The most common signs of the damaged pulp include pain in your teeth, swelling, and a sensation of heat in your gums. Orthodontist North Miami will thoroughly diagnose the painful tooth with the help of digital X-rays and MRIs. Your dentist might also refer you to an endodontist if the case is severe.


How is a root canal performed?

A root canal treatment is performed in a dental office. When you arrive for the appointment, they will make you feel comfortable and places a bib around your neck to save your clothes from stains. 



A pediatric dentist Miami beach places a small amount of numbing medication on your gums near the affected tooth. Once its effect starts, a local anesthetic will be infected the gums. You may feel unbearable pain or a burning sensation around your teeth, which may pass quickly. 


Removing the pulp

When your teeth are numb, the endodontist will make a small drill in the top of your teeth. Once the damaged pulp or infected is exposed, the dentist will remove it using a tool called files. They’ll be particularly sensitive while cleaning out all the pathways in your teeth.




Once the infected pulp is removed, the dentist may coat the area with an antibiotic paste to disinfect the site, which ensures the infection is gone and prevents reinfection. Once the canal is disinfected or cleaned, the dentist will seal and fill the too with a sealer rubber paste called gutta-percha. best orthodontist in miami flalso prescribes you oral antibiotics.


Temporary filling

Then the dentist will end the procedure by filling the small opening from the tooth with a soft and temporary material. This sealant will help you prevent the canals from being damaged by saliva and bacteria. Then your dentist will fill the teeth with permanent teeth and also recommends a dental crown to protect your teeth and filling.



If you are looking for any orthodontic treatment, they will diagnose your teeth and gums; if your teeth are infected or injured, they will refer you to a general dentist who will perform root canal treatment to save your teeth. Then the other treatment will be advised.


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