Permanent retainers keep your teeth in position after your orthodontic treatment is completed. Retainers have many different names, like bonded or fixed retainers. A permanent or fixed retainer is a thin metal wire connected to the back of your teeth to keep your teeth straight. The permanent retainer is not visible as they are at the back of your teeth using a composite material the dentist set in place with a special light.


It is necessary to wear them when your braces come off. Your teeth can shift naturally, so wearing a retainer is essential for people who have worn braces. Proper retainer wears not only prevents your teeth from moving but also helps with preventing gaps and even crowding.


What is a Permanent Retainer?

A permanent retainer is a fixer that involves a metal bar or wire holding your teeth in their position where they should be and preventing them from moving and shifting after the orthodontic treatment.


Therefore, when your teeth are well-aligned with the orthodontic treatment, the retainers are typically used after removing braces. It helps prevent problems such as gapping or crowding. These retainers are fixed to the inside of the lower front teeth because they have the smallest, minor roots, and they can shift over time due to their smaller bases. Once a permanent retainer is set to your teeth, it will not come out unless there is some problem. Only a professional orthodontic specialists of Florida can remove permanent retainers.



How Long Will You Need To Wear Permanent Retainers?

Once your braces treatment is done, you need to wear retainers. Your teeth can move slightly even after they are shifted to their places after the braces treatment, and the retainers help to keep that straightened teeth in place.


Wearing a retainer depends on the patient's age, but usually, you need to wear them for 5 years. Consult with your best orthodontist near me in north miami for more information.


How Do They Benefit Your Teeth?

These are the benefits that the retainer provides:


They Make Your Bite Stable:

When your braces are removed, the soft tissue and bone surrounding your teeth need time to adjust to the new tooth area. Once they have gradually reached their new position, there are chances of recurrence or teeth shifting out of place again.



They save room for new teeth and wisdom teeth:

Preteens and teenagers, whose bodies are still evolving, are most likely to use braces. Hence, they will wear dental retainers when their wisdom teeth erupt. When they wear the retainer religiously, the space in their jaw required to accommodate new teeth, such as wisdom teeth, will be preserved. Using retainers regularly prevents the teeth from gaps, shifting, or crowding.


They Avoid Receiving Care Reversal:

The teeth will return to their original positions in the months after the braces are removed. The reverse can be avoided with a retainer. Depending on your situation, you can wear a retainer for a few years or ask your North Miami Beach orthodontist.


Your jaw bones and gums are in line with them:

The gums and bones surrounding your teeth will take longer to adjust as your teeth are moved into a new place. Retainers help in quickening bite stabilization and alignment.


In Conclusion:

Permanent retainers must be worn by a person who had braces treatment. Talk to your dentist about permanent retainers, contact orthodontist Hollywood and book an appointment now!


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