Orthodontic treatment often involves braces, which can be a transformative experience for people looking for a beautiful and healthy smile. Among the many components of orthodontic treatment, bite blocks are frequently used to address specific dental issues. But, many people usually question whether bite blocks with braces affect speech and eating habits.


Before delving into the impact of bite blocks on speech and eating, learning their definition is essential. Bite blocks braces, known as bite turbos or bite ramps, are small extended orthodontic brackets that help restore dental concerns. However, they are usually made of composite resin or other orthodontic materials.


Correcting Overbites

One of the main pursuits of bite blocks is to address overbites. In this condition, the upper front teeth overlap the lower front teeth. Overbites can cause aesthetic and functional issues, including speech and eating difficulties.



Creating Space

Bite blocks also creates space in the mouth, allowing crowded teeth to move and align properly. This space-creating function is essential for getting a beautiful and straighter smile.


Preventing Deep Bites

In some cases, bite blocks are used to prevent deep bites, where the upper teeth cover the lower teeth too extensively. Deep bites can result in dental injury and discomfort. 


Impact on Speech

Initial Adjustments

You will have difficulty speaking and eating when you first get your bite blocks with braces. However, this is common in every case and is part of the adjustment process. These small raised portions in your mouth can temporarily impact your speech, forcing you to lisp or stammer your words.


Adaptation Period

The good part is that your mouth will gradually adapt to the bite blocks, and your speech will improve with time. Most patients find that their speech returns to normal within a few days to a couple of weeks. Practicing speaking and articulating words during this time is crucial to speed up the adjustment process.


Speech Therapy

Speech therapy may be advised in rare cases where the impact on speech persists for weeks. A speech therapist can provide exercises and guidance to assist you in overcoming any persistent speech challenges connected to the presence of bite blocks.


Impact on Eating Habits

Initial Discomfort

During the beginning days of having bite blocks can be difficult when eating. Chewing may be uncomfortable or even painful due to the modified structure of your mouth. However, this discomfort is generally for a short time.


Soft Diet Transition

During the braces treatment, you must take soft and liquid food to keep the bite blocks in good condition. Therefore, opting for a soft diet is advisable by the dentist. You can eat yogurt, mashed potatoes, soups, and smoothies. They won't put extreme pressure on your teeth and bite blocks.



Gradual Adjustment

As your mouth adjusts to the bite blocks, you'll find that eating and talking become more convenient. It's essential to take your time while eating and cut your food into smaller, more manageable pieces for proper chewing.


Orthodontist's Guidance

Your orthodontist will provide specific guidelines on what to eat and how to care for your bite blocks during the treatment. Following their guidance is paramount to ensure your orthodontic journey is as comfortable and effective as possible.


In Conclusion,

Bite blocks with braces are orthodontic tools crucial in correcting dental issues, such as overbites and creating space in the mouth. While they may initially impact your chewing process and speech, you need to remember that these challenges are temporary. You can manage them with patience and adhering to your south miami orthodontist guidance.

Don't hesitate to discuss your concerns if you experience persistent speech or eating difficulties with your bite blocks. Your orthodontist can provide tailored solutions and support to ensure your orthodontic journey is as smooth as possible.


Therefore, with the bite blocks, you get the lifetime comfort of having a perfect set of teeth. Talk to the best rated orthodontist and book an appointment now!

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