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Since 1990, Jamaica Place has consistently provided the North American market with a variety of the best Caribbean products on a wholesale basis. Specializing in the importation and distribution of fresh, conveniently packaged, premium products from the CaribbeanJamaica Place has developed a reputation for outstanding quality and consistency.

Our Flagship best-selling Jamaican products which include the best Jamaican treats are as follows:

Caribbean Gold Coconut Water Agua de Coco
Stoneleigh Coffee 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee
Tru Juice Homemade Sorrel Non-Alcoholic Drink with Ginger
Jamaican Yellow Yam
Grace Jamaican Jerk Seasoning
Grace Jamaican Jerk BBQ Sauce
Chippie’s Salted Banana Chips
Jamaican Assorted Coconut Pastry
Jamaican Tastee Cheese
Straight From Yard Jamaican Roasted Breadfruit Slices
Honey Bun Buccaneer Pocket
Jamaican Buccaneer Rum Cakes


Our innovative home-delivery distribution network, especially tailored to the needs of the busy North-American household brings the best online Caribbean products directly home to you. Jamaica Place is a major supplier to the restaurant & consumers trade in South Florida. All of our Caribbean products are packaged with the small restaurant in mind and orders are delivered on a twice weekly basis. We try our best to fill emergency orders.

Serviced by UPS/FEDEX delivery as needed and shipping is charged at the actual rate. In all cases, a small handling charge may apply. All retail orders are filled through an independent distributor.

Large Volume Sales are priced on an individual basis. Contact us for more information and quotes. Join our Jamaican Wholesale Products Section & become a partner.

Jamaica Place is the ultimate destination for the best online wholesale Caribbean products. Located in the heart of Doral, Florida, USA, this vibrant Caribbean store offers an extensive selection of high-quality products at unbeatable prices.

One of the main reasons Jamaica Place stands out as the best online Caribbean products wholesale store is its commitment to authenticity. All of the products sold at Jamaica Place are sourced directly from legitimate Caribbean vendors and manufacturers, ensuring that customers are getting the real deal.

In addition to offering a wide variety of traditional Caribbean products such as spices, seasonings, pastries and handicrafts, Jamaica Place also stocks a range of modern items such as clothing, coffee, and grocery products. This variety allows customers to find everything they need under one roof.

Jamaica Place is not just an online store, but a cultural hub where visitors can immerse themselves in the rich history and traditions of Jamaica. The friendly and knowledgeable staffs are always on hand to help customers find the perfect & best Caribbean products and provide recommendations.

Overall, Jamaica Place is the best choice for anyone looking for the best online Caribbean products at wholesale prices. Its commitment to authenticity, variety, and excellent customer service make it the premier destination for Caribbean goods.

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