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While some people have qualms about getting older, others think aging should be celebrated because it is an opportunity that not everyone will experience. The best way to age gracefully is to stay active. Recognizing the importance of leading an enriching lifestyle during one’s senior years, the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) created National Active Aging Week in 2003. According to the ICAA, Active Aging Week challenges society’s negative expectations of aging by showing that regardless of age or health conditions, adults over 50 can live as fully as possible in all areas of life – physical, social, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, vocational and environmental. La Posada, a Kisco Senior Living community, recently presented residents with a weeklong series of events and activities and celebrated their dedication to living an active and vibrant lifestyle in recognition of Active Aging Week.  


“The concept of Active Aging Week ties in perfectly with La Posada’s The Art of Living Well® philosophy, which is featured in every aspect of community life and presents unique social and wellness opportunities that strengthen the mind, body and spirit,” said Brad Cadiere, executive director of La Posada. “Active aging is about more than moving the body around and attending exercise classes. There are many dimensions of wellness to engage in, and our community’s wellness director, Rick Minichino, has coordinated a beneficial event, activity or program each day for our residents.”


The theme of this year’s Active Aging Week was “Inspiring Wellness.” The weeklong campaign is recognized during the last week of September and wholeheartedly celebrates the positivity of aging today. La Posada residents chose from the following highlighted activities and others: a painting class, a healthy cooking demonstration, a memory and aging lecture, as well as a health fair. 

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