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Paid advertising is expensive, especially when using Google Ads, where you have to spend a lot of money on a single ad to obtain good clicks and conversions. When you spend this much money on marketing, it’s understandable that you want to keep a careful eye on everything that happens through your brand ads. You may be focused on how much money you’re making from your ads, but you’ve never considered how many clicks out of a total can be considered fraudulent.

You have a variety of options for taking control of your ad campaigns. Here are some tips to Click Fraud On Google AdWords.

Work with Trusted DSPs

A demand-side platform (DSP) is a technology that allows buyers of digital ad inventory to manage several ad exchange accounts from a single interface. Ad fraud can be avoided by adding only one more verification step via trusted DSPs to your ad budget.

Use Dedicated Anti-Click-Fraud Software

You can use specialist anti-click fraud software if you don’t have the staff or time to handle all of the human analysis and monitoring required to detect and combat click fraud.

Exclude Fake IP Addresses

To remove the fraud click stumbling block, you must first identify the bogus IP address. And after you’ve located such an IP address, it’s simple to remove it from your current Google Ad campaign.

Excluding an IP address from a campaign that is committing click fraud will prevent people on that network from seeing linked adverts. Furthermore, they would be unable to click on the advertisements. It’s possible that competitors or scammers will use a different proxy server to fool marketers with a new IP address. As a result, a regular IP address check is recommended to preserve Ad campaign legality and revenue.

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