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Long story short, from a basic web design to a responsive design, you need to make this change to improve your customer’s journey and increase your conversion rate. The requirement for a mobile-friendly website has risen like never before, and it now plays a critical role in a company's overall success. Now more and more, searches are being performed on a mobile phone as compared to laptops or desktops. Therefore, becoming mobile-friendly means selecting a responsive web design.

A responsive web design is a method to create a website that can easily adjust itself to the size of the user's screen. This will improve the users' browsing experience through flexible and responsive web pages.

Tips for Creating Responsive Websites That Will Help You Achieve Your Online Marketing Objectives

Landing Page Optimization

In order to optimize your landing page, consider improving the following areas on your website to increase conversions:

  • Contact information is being added.
  • Newer ad forms are being used.
  • Make your content scarce so that users feel motivated to explore and navigate your website.
  • Use landing pages that are mobile-friendly.
  • Short conversion forms should be used.

Optimize the Media for Mobile

Managing images or videos on your website's mobile version is a difficult task. In the case of images and videos, use the max-width property. Set the max-width and height to 100 percent and auto, respectively. As a result, the image will be scaled down depending on the screen size.

Usage of Media Queries and Breakpoints

On different devices, the content reacts to varied conditions. You can use media queries to optimize the layout of your site for different screen sizes. The media query determines the device's resolution, width, and orientation and then displays an optimum set of CSS rules. Additionally, these queries can be used to insert breakpoints in various parts of the design to make it more mobile-friendly.

A/B Testing

A website is continually evolving; you must experiment with new elements, functionality, and so on. To do so, you must test your website for an improved user experience on a regular basis. A/B testing evaluates user experience by comparing two versions of the same web page.

You need to contact professional web development agencies to get your website A/B tested for you.

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