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This category of guitars falls under the most beautifully crafted ones and are known worldwide for its humbucker pickups giving a gorgeous, thick and rich sound. They cut out destructive and increases constructive interference producing a beautiful sound to noise ratio. Being ranked among the elite in the music world since 1902, Gibson's contributions to music industry for popular sound has always  been simply unmeasurable and unparallel. Gibson has seen the inception of every kind of music like folk, country, jazz, and blues, to the birth of rock and roll and beyond,, and still continues to lead the way into uncharted musical territory. It’s a trusted brand for world's most beloved and revered musicians, artists from all over the musical spectrum, including Chuck Berry, Marc Bolan, The Edge, Angus Young, Johnny Thunders, Dave Davies as well as a slew of others adore it sound making a guitar for every type of player. From a seasoned veteran or a first time buyer; an acoustic troubadour or a hard rock hero, Gibson is the first choice, but the million dollar question is whether to go for an acoustic guitar or an electric one, and then check out our top sellers to get a better idea of which guitar is perfect for you. 

Hummingbird Pro Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar or the J-45 Standard Acoustic-Electric Guitar are amongst the most popular for the ones who love to follow an acoustic route with its incredible tone offering plug in options for playing in larger venues. An electric guitar is apt for music enthusiast who are more interested in the raw power like the ES-335 Dot Plain-top Electric Guitar, or the Les Paul Traditional Pro II '60s Neck Electric Guitar which are loaded with powerful pickups that can unleash some serious riffs, regardless of your playing style. Either routes will offer you with the most musical journey, so just pick one up today and feel the real you. Here’s a spoof of all kinds of Gibson Guitars:

They are mainly of three kinds: acoustic, bass, and electric, amongst which electric is most famous; however, our store also has a range of acoustic guitars and bass guitars.

Acoustic Guitars

This is little less popular than the others, but still many players like to play or collect vintage acoustic guitars, believing in old quote of “Old is Gold” that produces better sounds than modern ones. Some of the collection in our outlet are:

Gibson Advanced Jumbo , which is a flat-top guitar with rosewood backs and sides and an Adirondack spruce soundboard. Gibson B series, Hummingbird, a popular one with square-shoulder dreadnought, with a Sitka spruce top, and mahogany back and sides coming in a variety of colors, and different variations have been released over the years, Dove which is louder, brighter guitar compared to the Hummingbird with its varying versions Dove Performer, the Doves in Flight,, and the Elvis Presley Dove.


Besides these, Gibson guitars Miami has other models and series of acoustic guitars, including the Chet Atkins SST,, the J series, and the L series. Range of bass guitars like Les Paul bass,, the Thunderbird models, and the Victory models are our heritage products. In gibson’s collection of electric guitars, the most popular are: Gibson Les Paul, Gibson SG, the Gibson ES-335, and the Gibson EDS-1275.

Gretsch Guitar Miami is another kind which has left its significance among musicians untouched and Gretsch G5034TFT Rancher SVS 6-String Electro Acoustic Guitar is one such example with its distinctive Rancher models ever and a beautiful Savannah Sunset gloss finish.