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Ben Bakson's music can best be classified as "commercial" with a mix of hard, emotional, and energetic beats. Its proven very popular with club goers.  The young DJ has amassed quite a following, regularly playing to packed dance floors all over the world.

His most recent parties have been in Sao Paulo, San Francisco, Mykonos, Washington DC and NYC. He returns to Miami this month to co-headline the Red Hot & Hell Halloween event at M2 Nightclub with DJ Mauro Mozart.

We caught up with Ben Bakson in San Diego, where the the red hot DJ and music producer was opening the city’s Pride events.

Is it true that you don't enjoy doing media interviews?
Ben Bakson: It is. We go into these interviews never knowing what kind of questions are going to be asked! (Laughing) You need to have the right answer ready immediately.

Are you the quiet-type?
I do try to keep my private life as private as possible, especially my love life. People assume that I am outgoing because I’m a DJ who lives quite publicly on social media. They don’t realize all of that is part of my job.

Do you prefer to let your music speak for you?
Definitely! Music is the one common language we humans have. For me, it is therapy. I can channel my emotions through music and I love when I get feedback from fans that my music helped them to get through a difficult moment. That makes me very happy.

How would you classify your sound?
I’m not a fan of labeling my music as a particular genre because I honestly think my music style crosses several genres. I feel the same way about being forced to label my sexuality. Am I gay simply because I like sex with men? Sex is a very small part of who I am as a person and I think everyone should have sex with the person he loves and finds attractive. I don’t think it needs an explanation, label or commenting. I’m convinced that in future the whole idea of straight, gay and whatever we do in bed won’t matter because, in the end, what counts is that we are all human and equal.

Is that why your dancefloors attract all genders and sexualities?
I try to make my dancefloor as diverse as I can. I have a lot of straight friends that I invite to my events and they love my music as much as they gay men and women. My big goal is for my sound is to be loved by everyone. I would like to play all floors. The big hurdle for me is that most of the big straight festivals won't book any of the big DJs of the LGBT world.

What can be done?
We need party producers to create events that attract straight and gay people and then book DJs from both worlds that will unite all and create a unique musical journey.

Can we get a little silly?

Besides music, do you have a secret talent?
I think I do, but I can't talk about it here.

What is one trait you most deplore in others?
Envy. I don't really understand people who try to sabotage others. The success of others motivates me to work harder.

What is your greatest fear?
The music stopping during my set. It has happened twice so far, both due to technical issues that were out of my control.

What is your most treasured possession?
My dog, Macho.

Is there anything that you dislike about your appearance?
I think I am ok. We all need to learn to relax a bit about being too self-critical and just be happy the way we are.

The Red Hot & Hell Party takes place Saturday, October 29 at M2 (1235 Washington Avenue, Miami).  Dress code: sinful outfits.  Tickets available at

Follow Ben on IG @ ben_bakson