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1.Current issues and market survey on furniture delivery business 


Shoppers are always in need of a variety of options and flexible time to take decision before purchasing the furniture. 

If the required time is not given to the potential shoppers then they won’t purchase the furniture and it leads to poor service.

Sometimes the manual error occurs in the furniture delivery, due to the lack of customer detail maintenance and this leads to inefficient management.

The furniture industry survey has expected to show a growth of a 5% compound annual growth rate at the end of 2026.

By upgrading your furniture shop into an on-demand furniture delivery business lets you triple your growth with additional revenue. 


2.Demand for pickup and delivery in furniture delivery business 


With the help of an on-demand furniture delivery app solution, you can get connected with your customers at any time.

This improves the visibility of your service and business within a short period of time and it brings more new potential customers too.

In on-demand furniture delivery business, the retailers are able to manage their business more efficiently with just a tap on their dashboard.

Helps the shoppers to check the available furniture with the current offers and discounts with the estimated time of arrival. 


3.Upgrade your furniture delivery business with Spotneats app solution


SpotnEats on-demand furniture delivery app solution is a complete pack of service that comes with both iOS and Android.

In SpotnEats we offer the complete package of app solution at a high-quality delivery system with full technical support. 

Our app solution is customizable, therefore we are able to provide you the best product according to your business demands.


4.Advanced key-feature that enhance the business growth 


Personalized furniture booking - The shoppers can personalize their bookings with preferred date and time or they can book now too.

Precisely estimated service charge - It shows the exactly estimated cost for the ordered furniture with the delivery charge therefore the shoppers can be ready with it.

Effective store management - The retailers are able to monitor their inventor as well as the shopper’s details flawlessly.

Variety of route choices - The delivery agents are able to choose the route from the multiple-choice. It lets the delivery agents reach the shopper’s destination soon.

Transparent review system - This lets the shoppers review on the service providers and delivery agents. It lets them enhance their service even better.


5.Ready to triple your revenue 


Upgrade your furniture delivery business today with the SpotnEats app solution for tripling your business growth.

Managing your store has been made simple with just tap now.