People who have poor sleeping habits may suffer from pain and discomfort caused by sinus pressure, sleep apnea and other reasons.  Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder in which breathing fluctuates as it repeatedly starts and stops. For these kinds of conditions, experts recommend a wedge pillow. A Wedge Pillow For Back Pain is often used to lift the upper or lower body to improve blood circulation that can help to reduce snoring and relieve the pressure on sensitive areas. 


Structure of a Wedge Pillow:


Usually, wedge pillows are manufactured with poly foam or memory foam with a triangular shape that stays in place better than other pillows. The angle of the wedge pillow can be differ depending on the height of the pillow. Since specific heights are better than others to get rid of certain conditions. The pillows are commonly used when a woman is pregnant. They can also be used to sit up and read a book in bed comfortably.

Users when purchasing a wedge pillow should consider how much elevation they require for their current condition.


The Benefits of Wedge Pillow For Back Pain

 A wedge pillow can be considered the Best Pillow For Back Pain as they are beneficial to improve the health of your back. Also, it is useful to eliminate the symptoms related to:


Sleep apnea:


When you sleep on a mattress, gravity works against your respiratory system and can drop your airway. Often, this problem leads to sleep apnea. A wedge pillow softly relocates the body and removes these obstructions.


Cough and post-nasal drip.


The problem is caused by mucus that has entered your airways due to this post-nasal drip can create problems during sleeping and when you are awakened as well. Furthermore, it can lead to a chronic cough that is impossible to go away easily. When you sleep on a wedge pillow, it provides you sufficient elevation for the upper part of your body that helps to prevent mucus from storing at the back of the throat. In the end, the pillow helps to reduce inflammation, irritation, etc to improve your overall health


Back pain:


People who are suffering from certain types of back pain can take the help of a wedge pillow that can provide them adequate bending to stack the hips and vertebrae in the right spinal alignment. Usually, people who are suffering upper back pain benefit from a wedge pillow compared to people with lower back pain.


Nighttime asthma:


People who are suffering from nighttime asthma can purchase a wedge pillow that fights back against the unpleasant effects of gravity and prevents blood from getting stored in the lungs that can lead to breathing issues.


Post-operative care:


A Wedge Back Pain Pillow is recommended by doctors when patients have been gone through surgery recently. Because it is useful in reducing swelling and pain in sensitive joint areas. Some people purchase two wedge pillows at a time, one for the knees and one for the upper body.


So, you can see how a wedge pillow can play an important role in keeping your health in a better way.


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