Memory Foam Pillow


Memory Foam Pillows are made from a specific kind of foam that molds according to the neck and head’s contours. The foam returns to its original shape once the weight is lifted.


People who suffer from stiff necks. Headaches and any kind of body ache should use a  Memory Foam Pillow. The firmness of these pillows is perfect to help the head lay at a neutral angle.

However, the pillow might take some time to return to its original shape. Thus, it is not ideal for people who frequently change their sleeping positions.

Reading Pillow


For avid readers, a reading pillow is an important investment. It is uniquely shaped to support your back and shoulders at the perfect alignment. They often have protruding arm-like structures on either side to rest your elbows on. This prevents any excessive strain on the shoulders or neck.

Reading in bed can be really bad for the back and neck in the long run. Thus, using a bed reading pillow can help ensure that the process of reading would not be interrupted by pains and aches.

However, they are rather bulky and if someone prefers reading on a table and a chair, then a reading pillow is not a necessary buy at all.

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Latex Pillow


A Latex Pillow is made up of latex, as the name suggests. It has the perfect amount of firmness to hold your neck and head at a comfortable angle. Their composition also prevents any rustling sounds while sleeping, which might be present in some generic pillows and the material they are used to create. A latex foam pillow also rests the head at an angle that might help keep airways clear and thus prevent snoring. They are, however, hard to maintain as they cannot be washed, cleaned, or dried like any other regular pillow.


Orthopedic Pillow


An orthopedic pillow is composed using a combination of memory foam and microfibre. It is meant to shape itself according to the contour of the neck and head, thus ensuring that the spine rests at a comfortable angle, as recommended by orthopedic guidelines. Their firmness is calculatedly designed to relieve any pressure from the neck and body. Thus, it enhances blood circulation and ensures a restful sleep.

There are different types of orthopedic pillows available in the market. If you constantly suffer from body aches and muscle cramps due to sleeping posture, then it is important to consult a doctor and choose the right orthopedic pillow for you.

To prevent your spine from getting misaligned and hence causing pains, the right support while sleeping is extremely important.


Pancake Pillow


The pancake pillow consists of thin layers of six pillows inside one pillow. These layers can be taken out and added as per one’s comfort. The idea behind the pancake pillow is to provide a customizable pillow. To ensure that the headrests at a comfortable angle from the neck, an individual can adjust the height of their pancake pillow by simply removing some of the thinner pillows.

It serves better as a multipurpose pillow than a pillow made simply for neck comfort. There are better options available if neck comfort is the main cause behind buying a pancake pillow.


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