Back Pain is something that plagues people of all ages, all across the world. The cause of our backache could often be our pillows. It is crucial to look into the kind of pillows you use, and if it suits your sleeping positions. The best pillow to relieve backache is not one specific pillow but is one that suits your personal needs.


What to look for in a back pillow?


A back pillow must support the natural curvature of the spine, and also support the neck, head, and shoulders in the correct alignment. It is therefore important to choose something that is soft, yet a Firm pillow. It has to be soft enough to relieve the back of any pressure, yet firm enough to support the curvature of the spine. 


The Best Cervical Pillow would be a combination of a thick and soft pillow to go under the shoulders and a firm, flat pillow to go under the knees. Adding thin and firm pillows under the knees help alleviate pressure from the back.


For relief from back pain, side sleepers can place a contoured pillow between their knees. This relieves the lower back from pressure and stain. Not putting a pillow between your knees can cause the spine to curve at an uncomfortable angle. Therefore, it could result in a stiff back in the morning.

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While choosing a Pillow For Back Pain it is important to make sure that the material of the pillow is also tailored according to an individual’s sleeping position. While a stomach pillow needs to be medium-firm to prevent back pain, a side sleeper pillow needs to be softer. Someone who changes sleeping positions throughout the night could invest in a customized pillow that has both soft and firm sections made from different materials. Thus, a single pillow will provide various kinds of support throughout the night.


What kind of pillow should you choose if you suffer from sciatica?


People who suffer from sciatica should especially take into consideration the type of pillow that they use. It is really important to ensure that the perfect Sciatica Pillow is chosen. The main factor affecting the choice of the pillow should be the amount of pressure it alleviates from the lower back.


It is thus important to choose a pillow that is soft, to be put under the knees. Putting several soft pillows under the knees prevents the lower back from suffering due to excessive pressure. Sciatica patients should avoid sleeping on their side as it can aggravate the pain. Thus, two big plush pillows can be used on either side to prevent them from turning on their side while they are asleep. These pillows do not have to be firm. Rather, they should be soft and comfortable for the patient to sleep in the middle of.


Stomach sleeping is typically not recommended for Sciatica patients. However, is an individual must, then it’s important to choose the right pillows to support your spine. Either a really flat or no pillow should be used under the head. A flat pillow should be placed under the hips to ensure that the spine rests naturally.


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