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When you think of Florida, we're sure one of the first things that come to mind are the white sandy beaches and the palm trees populating the streets. The gorgeous sunsets and the ocean vibes are a massive bonus for everyone looking for beachfront housing in some of Florida’s best coastline destinations. Truthfully, Florida is not all about the coast. Yes, it is unique and desirable for many, but people nowadays shy away from crowded places and big cities.


If you are looking for comfortable living in a tight-knit community with a quiet environment, you are in for a treat. The inland communities are just as great if not better than some of Florida’s popular coastline cities. Take, for example, the lake community of Land O’Lakes Florida, an ooze of natural beauty with forest views and lakes which make for a gorgeous residential area.


By weighing the pros and cons of living in Land O’Lakes FL you might be surprised at the quality of life, affordability, and family-friendly environment you can find here. The housing market is highly sought after, and the neighborhoods range from gated communities with mansions and luxury residences to single-family homes that offer lakefront views. Here is what you need to know about the Land O’Lakes housing market.

Land O’Lakes real estate market predictions

If you take a look at the real estate market through the US, you can see that people living in the metropolitan area tend to move away from the crowds in the big cities. Nowadays, people prefer a quiet environment, with less pollution, a tight-knit community, and family-friendly amenities are a great bonus for families looking for a new home. Many homeowners try to keep the Covid-19 out of their homes during the pandemic, and it seems more reasonable to settle down in an area where there are fewer crowds and, therefore, smaller risks to get the virus.


Scenarios like this can cause an increase in home prices in some of the city suburbs and a decrease in home prices in the big cities. If we consider the Tampa Bay area, the same trend can be noticed in the town of Land O’Lakes FL. Since 2010 the population growth was close to 14%, and home appreciation for the past decade has been close to 6%. Currently, Land O’Lakes median home value is around $273,000, and about 75% of households are owner-occupied.


Upscale neighborhoods in Land O’Lakes can reach median home prices of around $400,000 if you look at gated enclaves with luxury residences. Non-gated neighborhoods with single-family homes and family-friendly amenities catered toward the middle-class with lower home prices and more options if you are limited budget-wise. 


By looking into rental properties, there are not many options available since many who live in Land O’Lakes prefer to be homeowners. Only one-fourth of households in the lake community are being rented out, and the average rent stands pretty high at around $1,400/month. The city is also favorable because it has top-rated schools and low crime rates, making it a safe place to live for both you and your children.

Residential areas in Land O’Lakes Florida

Prices are rapidly scaling up in the lake community, and for good reasons. Many people enjoy the advantage of being conveniently located close to their favorite beach destinations and the big cities of the Tampa Bay Area, while not having to deal with the traffic, noise, and crowds of these areas. However, that is not the only advantage of living in Land O’Lakes Florida. 


Beachfront properties in coastal cities seem impossible to beat in terms of beauty and aesthetics until you discover the residential areas in Land O’Lakes Florida. Lakefront residences in the area offer attractive home options with beautiful scenic views. The lake community is known for the amazing ecosystem where you can find gorgeous residential areas with forest or lake views.


Neighborhoods such as Plantation Palms offer a family-friendly setting, and residents can enjoy the outdoors and the fresh air since the Cypress Preserve borders the community. The small and quaint neighborhood provides plenty of single-family homes with prices situated around $290,000.  


Another neighborhood populated with parks, lakes, and great outdoor opportunities is the Dupree Lakes. The community managed to preserve the ecosystem, and you can enjoy the flourishing fauna and flora along with the attractive housing options featured in the area. The planned community has over 660 homes, so we’re sure you will find one that suits your needs and tastes.


Other neighborhoods, such as Connerton, have easy access to major highways that allow you to travel quickly and efficiently. Route 41 and SR 54 pass through the community giving you easy access to any city in the Tampa Bay area including the Tampa Premium Outlet, for an outstanding shopping and dining experience. Other amenities include sports courts, fitness centers, swimming pools, and many others.


Neighborhoods throughout the lake community offer plenty of job opportunities, fun activities, and top amenities in an environment known for its gorgeous scenery. Be sure to contact top real estate agents in Land O’Lakes Florida, if you want to find out more about the neighborhoods in the area.


If you plan on finding a residential area where you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in an idyllic natural setting, then the town of Land O’Lakes FL is the place for you. The housing market in the area is sprawling, and so is the economy. The lake community has something for everyone, and their neighborhoods are known for their family-friendly environment with plenty of housing options.


By relocating to the lake community, you can discover the residential gem of Land O’Lakes FL, and find a nice place you can call home. If you enjoy the outdoors, you will love what this town has to offer, and you are going to enjoy the quality of life experienced by its residents.

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