Have you ever visited a coastline city where you could walk your mornings on the white-sandy beaches? The warm sunshine touching your skin and the cool breeze of the ocean cooling you down. Have you ever considered going on an eating spree while getting to know some of the best restaurants in the area?


How much do you love spending your time by the waterfront, enjoying some of your favorite water activities? How much do you love exploring the culture of the city and getting to experience some of the best performances and cultural events? Do you know that there are actually places where you could absolutely do all those things? One such place is located on the West Coast of Florida and it is the city of Sarasota FL.


This mid-sized city is not too big that you could easily get lost and not too small to be boring. Sarasota FL offers the perfect balance between fun, relaxation, and quality of life that very few places can offer. Sarasota FL is a paradise for tourists and I want to show you why! Here are some of the top 5 things to see and do in Sarasota FL that will make you want to stay there forever.

Experience the Sunset food tours

Sarasota is probably one of the only cities that are able to accommodate pretty much all people from young professionals and singles to families and seniors. The neighborhoods of Sarasota FL have something for everyone, but one thing they all have in common is great food. You will be amazed by the culinary scene, back here in Sarasota FL and you will have a unique culinary journey.


One of the best ways to experience most of the amazing dining options through the city is through a food tour. Sunset Food Tours is a collection of food tours that take you through some of the most popular local community food eateries. Sunset Food Tours is a locally owned business that are foodies at heart who want to bring the amazing culinary experience of Sarasota close to your heart.


Their intimate tours highlight some of the hidden gems of the local community through food, drinks, history, culture, art, as well as memories that come along with tasty food. The food tours include Taste of Downtown Sarasota, Twilight Evening Drink Tour, Sarasota Art & Dessert Tour as well as St Armands Culinary Experience. The company also organized private tours for those interested, so make sure you don't miss out on this tremendous experience.


Mangrove Tunnel Kayak Ecotour

Nature is not very far from you if you come to Sarasota FL. In fact, one of the things you absolutely have to see and do if you come to Sarasota FL is the Mangrove Tunnel Kayak Ecotour. This tour is probably one of the most thrilling and exciting adventures you can experience in your life.


The mangrove forests of Florida form tight water canals that are not accessible by large boats but are explorable only by kayak. These shady canals and tunnels really give you the feeling that wildness took over and you will have the most close up encounter with the wildness you probably ever experienced.


If you want to explore Sarasota Bay, with a small group you will embark on a journey in search of wildlife such as manatees and dolphins. This tour will take you really deep in the mangroves to find even more interesting wildlife and plants for a memorable experience. This guided tour is led by a kayak guide that points out the way and you also get to work on your paddling techniques.

The beaches of Sarasota FL

If you haven’t seen the beaches of Sarasota FL, then you’re missing out on what are probably some of the most beautiful beach areas in Florida. The state has hundreds of miles of coastline that hold some of the world-class beaches. If you land in the city of Sarasota FL, you are one step closer to experiencing the world-class beaches of Florida.


Sarasota is well known for its keys which consist of two or more beach stretches. One that is commonly known and loved by locals and tourists is the Siesta Key. This area comprises Turtle Beach, Crescent Beach, and Siesta Beach. Siesta beach is the most common and loved because of its powdery white and soft sand, the emerald green waters that make for the overall breathtaking picturesque landscape.


Other options that are just as great are Venice Beach where you could check out the Venice Public Fishing Pier. Lido Beach is another favorite and it is located on the beautiful Lido Key. Also, the keys are split into North and South Lido Beach and they all have something different to offer. If you want to bring your canine friend along for some beach fun, Brohard Beach and Paw Park in Venice is the perfect place to be with your dog.


Learn more about art at the Ringling

We have already mentioned the fact that Sarasota FL is a culturally gifted place with plenty of performance venues, theaters, and museums where you could see some of the best performances. Whether it is music, art, theater or circus, here you could experience all of it.


One of the top attractions in Sarasota in terms of culture is The Ringling, a fine art museum located on Bay Shore Road. This museum was established back in 1927 when Marble and John Ringling donated artwork and ever since it has been a state art museum of Florida.


The museum consists of 21 galleries of American, Asian, European, and contemporary art as well as ancient artifacts from Cyprus. Over 10,000 pieces of art including drawings, paintings, decorative arts, photographs, sculptures, and prints are displayed here. The museum has works of famous painters and sculptors such as Bernini, Boudin, Duchamp, Velaquez, Poussin, and more.


Find a car that suits your style at Sarasota Classic Car Museum

Let’s admit it! We all have that one car that comes to mind when we are asked about our dream car. While some might prefer some of the newly released supercars that look like they come from the future, others can’t help but admire the beauty, simplicity, and elegance of a classic car.


If that is you, then you will definitely get lost for hours amongst the collection of vintage, exotic and one-of-a-kind cars at the Sarasota Classic Car Museum. This Museum proves yet again that the cultural scene in Sarasota is complete and unique. A classic car museum is a perfect place to delight your eyes if you are a car lover.


Located in a 60,000 square foot facility, the Sarasota Classic Car Museum is one of the oldest classic car museums in the USA. More than 75 cars are displayed here and some of them were the property of renowned people. Here you can see the 1965 Mercedes Benz model of John Lennon as well as Marble and John Ringling’s collection of Rolls Royce and many others. This is definitely a unique museum and it should be high up on your list of things to see and do in Sarasota FL.


The beautiful West Coast of Florida is one of a kind and it is considered by many one of the best places to live. Sarasota FL holds those standards up high and it is considered one of the undiscovered gems of Florida. There are so many things to see and do in Sarasota FL that you will hardly find the time to cover all of them. You would be better off getting in touch with one of the real estate agents in Sarasota FL and relocate here because it is so worth it. It’s almost like all the great things of Florida have been compressed and stored in one city and that city is Sarasota FL.


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