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Located right on the beach that spreads throughout the southwestern shores of Florida, Bonita Springs provides its visitors and residents with some of the best views of the Gulf of Mexico. Only a short 40-minute drive from either Cape Coral and Fort Myers, this small community is abundant with outdoor attractions for those that want to enjoy all the natural beauty available in and around the city. 


With countless coastal attractions to keep most people busy, living in Bonita Springs, FL will keep you as close to the beach as possible and there is nothing that isn’t available across the pristine white dunes of sand. The beaches that surround this calm and safe small town in Florida each have something in particular to attract visitors and residents alike. Whether you’re looking for excitement or a quiet day by the beach, you will surely find it across the amazing stretches that border the western edge where the city meets the ocean.


1.Barefoot Beach Preserve County Park


While easy to reach, you will feel like the city is miles behind you as you find this mostly untouched stretch of an undeveloped barrier island. Barefoot Beach is one of the few Floridian southwest coastal islands that were left as nature has intended them to be, free of man’s consumerism ways or noisy havoc that can disturb the wildlife. Only 15 minutes away from Bonita Springs, Barefoot Beach stretches across 342 acres of unspoiled natural land and it remains one of the best beaches in America. The reason for this is the gentle surf with light waves that are generally only measured in inches, with shallow waters which makes it perfect for sunbathing and swimming with your family. Children can also explore the area in search of shells and sand dollars that can be found right on the shore. Don’t be startled at the occasional gopher tortoise either as their crawl marks can be found in the dunes of sand. Some preferred activities besides sunbathing, tanning or swimming are kayaking, canoeing or simply enjoying the lush vegetation in this untouched natural beach.


2.Little Hickory Beach Park


For those seeking some basic amenities during their sunbathing, the Little Hickory Beach Park will provide a little extra that might make families more comfortable to spend a whole day out in the sun. This white-sand beach is a combination of a seclusion feeling which is its main attraction and a basic level of comfort through some picnic tables, parking, showers and restrooms available for visitors. Some who come here seem to enjoy surf fishing as well as the usual water-based activities. The beach is located on another small barrier island right on the edge of Bonita Springs which is easily accessible by car or by boat. Here, unlike at Barefoot Beach, you can find the Big Hickory Waterfront Grill, one of the best seafood restaurants in Bonita Springs, as well as hotels, resorts or apartment buildings and single-family homes. There are real estate agents in Bonita Springs FL that can zoom in on a perfect waterfront property for you right down by the beach. A short trip to Big Hickory Island can also be eventful or you can take a jetski to Bowtie Island Primitive Campground for some more excitement in the area.


3.Lovers Key State Park



While not too long ago these groups of four barrier islands had only been reachable by boat, recently, Lovers Key State Park has become a romantic destination for unforgettable, beachside weddings. One stroll around the islands and it’s easy to see why so many couples decide to come here to tie the knot. The views are spectacular, the island provides an intimate setting and the amenities are ideal for weddings. The name isn’t just a coincidence. Wide stretches of land undisturbed by too much development make for fairytale memories. While the site was initially supposed to be destined for luxury condominiums, the area was donated to the residents of Florida so that they could enjoy the beaches and mangrove forests in a preserved state for as many years as possible. For those that want to get a bit of extra wildlife experience, there are manatees and dolphins that can be easily spotted from a kayak or simply as you lounge under the shade of an umbrella with a cocktail in hand.


4.Bonita Springs Public Beach


Located between Little Hickory Beach Park and Barefoot Beach you will find several access points to Bonita Spring Public Beach. As the name suggests, this beach is public and accessible to anyone right behind a row of houses just off Hickory Boulevard. There is public parking available as well as bus stops at every access to the beach and several options for outdoor entertainment for the whole family. Whether you like to spend the evening by taking a walk along the sandy shores, shoes in hand as the breeze blows gently through your hair, or get sweaty and victorious during a game of beach volleyball, you will also find picnic areas with grills, restrooms as well as showers along the white-sandy shores. Its length makes finding a less crowded area easy and the free parking is always an added bonus. Taking a quick dip in the gulf while you also enjoy the amazing view of the setting sun couldn’t be easier than it is here.


5.Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park


Known for having one of the most pristine beaches in the world, the Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park attracts visitors every day of the year. With peaceful views of the Gulf of Mexico and plenty of opportunities to see countless shorebirds as well as wildlife around these parts, visitors often rent kayaks to paddle along the pass or remain on foot to sunbathe, hike, fish, bird-watch or set up a picnic table. Children will also enjoy gathering seashells while the adults try their rods in specific areas for trophy catches. Cruising something larger than a kayak or a jet ski is possible through the delicate natural estuaries of the Cocohatchee River that leads straight in the Gulf of Mexico as most vessels can pass through. For weddings or other special occasions, there is a pavilion that can be rented if you find yourself planning a more special event for more than a handful of people.




There are many areas throughout the Sunshine State that stand out, but Bonita Springs has been an unearthed secret for quite some time and it’s about time this lovely small town gets the recognition it deserves. With its location close to major cities and its spectacular beaches of white sandy shores, the city of Bonita Springs is ideal for families and even more so for seniors being a top retirement destination in Florida. As we focused on the aforementioned beaches, for now, we do not want you to think that that’s all the city has going for it but it’s definitely an important factor. The good quality of life and the coastal attractions makes anyone who comes here think twice about living.


Either of these beaches will surely draw you in and share your opinions with your friends about the best Florida beaches that you’ve seen. Like & Share this with friends and family so they make sure to pack their bathing suits the next time they visit you in your new waterfront home.



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