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As one of the newest cities in Florida, Palm Coast is often seen as a coastal paradise. You can find it on Florida’s East Coast, an hour away from Jacksonville, baffling in the sun and playing with the waves of the Atlantic. As a part of the Daytona Beach metropolitan area, the city of Palm Coast has seen its population doubling in the last decade. What is even more interesting is the fact that not only did it experience such a big growth in population but as the newest city in Florida, incorporated in 1999, it is also one of the most populous cities in Florida.


As a coastal paradise, Palm Coast has around 70 miles of coastline to which we have to add the amazing canals. There are no less than 46 miles of freshwater canals and around 23 miles of saltwater canals so it isn’t hard to find outdoor activities in Palm Coast, FL. From preserves to reserves, trails and archeological parks, some of these activities can really be considered unique so let’s dive in and see the outdoor beauty of Palm Coast, FL.

Waterfront Treasures

From a city known also as the Coastal Paradise, you are entitled to expect at least a few surfaced treasures. Palm Coast does not disappoint when it comes to the marvels of the water kingdom. 

Whales Migrating

For an amazing chance to witness some of the biggest underwater creatures surface through the waves you can find spots along the shoreline to witness Whales migrating from December all the way through March. It’s an experience that should not be missed if you’re ever in Palm Coast, FL. You can even enjoy a meal at an oceanfront restaurant as you scan the surf for these peaceful giants.

Marine Dolphin Adventures

For other peaceful marine creatures, pay a visit to Marine land Dolphin Adventures. Who doesn’t want to see, touch, play or swim with dolphins? The first aquarium ever built can give you all of that and so much more. It doesn’t matter if you’re a child - dolphins are highly intelligent and emphatic - or a retiree, these friendly mammals will be happy to see you, keep you company and splash you when you’re not looking. Aside from dolphins, here you can observe hundreds of different species of exotic sea life. To mention a few experiences, witness how sand tiger sharks eat or watch a sea turtle feeding, and, of course, the amazing dolphin training demonstrations.

The Atlantic Ocean

In Palm Coast, you also have the chance to enjoy some quality time in the dolphin’s home turf as the Atlantic has plenty of other treasures to share. You can surf the waves, kayak with dolphins, swim with the current, saltwater fish as well as paddle board, as only the sky's the limit when it comes to water activities in the Atlantic. Just make sure not to wander off too far and be careful not to get pulled in by the currents. Just wait for the current to dissipate, raise a hand in the air and start swimming parallel to shore.

Pristine Beaches

Speaking of the shore, did you hear about those beaches? Yes, the ones with honey-colored sand that sparkles like gold in the sunlight. Well, Palm Coast has a few of those and there’s plenty to share. We know, this is Florida and there are beaches all along the coastlines, but there’s just something about these amazing beaches that have people coming back every time. If you don’t believe us then go ahead and catch a wave.Here are some of the best waves on Florida’s east coast and you'll kick yourself if you miss then. Afterwards, you can go ahead and satiate your appetite from some oceanfront restaurants along the shore. The ocean’s view is something that will keep you rooted to the spot for hours but at least you’ll have what to do. There’s never a dull moment in Palm Coast. 

Inland Adventures

It doesn’t matter if you like golfing or if you’re one of those outdoor enthusiasts that like to walk barefoot in the woods, you’ll find these options and many more in Palm Coast, FL. Just take a drive on the Florida State Road A1A for a final glance at the ocean and let’s get on land.

Washington Oaks Garden State Park

As we are still close to the shore, we can take a short break in the Washington Oaks Garden State Park so the shock of a distancing ocean isn’t too much. Located on a strip of land that divides the Atlantic Ocean from the Matan as River, the gardens provide a mesmerizing landscape. Go and cast your lines in the water just don’t mix the freshwater rod with the saltwater rod because here you can do both. Not side by side because unfortunately, we can’t have it all. There is a 13-minute walk from the ocean to the river so don’t be too picky. For more cardio exercises you can go for a walk, hike or bike ride on the numerous trails that disappear in the forest as your children investigate the playground. Get ready for some wildlife sightings or maybe choose your wedding location in a unique spot.

MalaCompra Plantation

The next stop on your itinerary as you head further inland has to be the MalaCompra Greenway Trail or MalaCompra MTB Trail or even the MalaCompra Park if you want some more beach. These are all part of the MalaCompra Plantation which is one of the most important archaeological sites in Florida. Walk through history and understand how immensely we are still affected by things that happened centuries ago. An amazing one of a kind trail awaits for all those outdoor enthusiasts mentioned earlier. This historical site is something that you shouldn’t miss whenever you’re in Palm Coast.

Golf Courses

With so much land covered and so many amazing things witnessed, you can stop for a while and enjoy some peaceful games of golf. All along the coast, you’ll be able to find many golf courses available. The one problem that you might face is deciding where to actually hit the links. Ocean Course is located at Hammock Beach Resort so you’ll have more beaches close by - will we ever get away from the beach? -  with six holes along the beach. Another great option is Pine Lake Golf Club with 18 holes that cover more than 150 acres. It’s highly unlikely to not be completely satisfied with a golfing experience in Palm Coast. If nothing else works then just take in the view, relax and Ace the ball.

Once in a lifetime experiences

Now if you’re looking for those unique experiences, Palm Coast, FL has something to quench your thirst. We mean that both literally and figuratively as legends and facts come together in this Coastal Paradise even if it may take you a ride. Get ready for some amazing weekend trips that could have a strong impact on you.

Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park

After a short 34-minute drive from downtown Palm Coast up north, you’ll find yourself in St. Augustine. From one of the newest cities in the U.S., you’ll find the city that claims to be the oldest in the nation. Here you’ll find the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park. While the fountain doesn’t hold the answer for eternal life, it does spark interest and fascination as the past seems so present here. From the days when Ponce de Leon paved the way in 1513 as he searched for this mythical spring on his quest for a never-ending life to today’s attraction, the fountain came a long way. Go ahead and take a sip and tell us if it works. While you’re there, you can also stop by the St. Augustine Lighthouse as it’s known to be one of the top 5 haunted houses in Florida.

Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park

Now driving south from Palm Coast, FL for about 24 minutes you’ll find yourself in the middle of nowhere. Just kidding. There is a trailer park near-by and a small residential community but aside from that there’s only forest. Once you’re surrounded by trees, don’t get scared but follow the path and you’ll find Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park. The story behind these ruins may be simple but it’s fascinating nonetheless. This 1800s sugar, cane, rice, indigo and cotton plantation has been long deserted but somehow it manages to still have a few walls standing. That in itself creates a spectacular sight, but when you add the lush setting it appears to be engulfed by nature, reclaimed in a way that only nature can. Excursionists can enjoy a nice picnic here before they start traveling the winding trails that go all the way to the Bulow Creek where kayaks are available for rent.


One thing that I think we have learned is that a new city is not necessarily a city without a history. Palm Coast, FL made a strong case against that fact and taught us not to judge a book by the year when it was published. There are many places with a rich history, but combine that with amazing weather, that almost biblical coastal paradise and a holiday-like atmosphere all year long and Palm Coast, FL shines through. The city seems to check all the boxes for retirees but it is not only inhabited by seniors. Many families are also drawn to the charm of this sunny holiday card so if you feel yourself being pulled towards the honey-colored beaches just get in touch with realtors in Palm Coast FL to hash out the details.


Let us know in the comments below if this city managed to mesmerize you or at least spark your curiosity. Like & Share with friends and family who might be looking for an exotic destination close-by.

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