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Selecting the best schools, colleges, and universities can be a hassle. We must consider the institution’s reputation, scorecard, location, tuition, and curriculum. It wouldn’t hurt either if the public or private college could provide real career prospects. After all, our children’s future is at stake. 

Curbing your enthusiasm doesn’t mean giving up on excellent education!

From the get-go, all school graduates and their parents will likely prefer top-rated universities, such as UCLA, Berkeley, Princeton, Stamford, Yale, or Harvard. Unfortunately, for many, joining an Ivy League academy will remain a dream. The application process is rigorous, and the tuition is pretty hefty. 


Thank God we have plenty of enticing alternatives in the best US states for education. So, don’t let impossible education perspectives ruin your day and future dreams! Instead, join us as we explore the best hidden gems in US education! 


Suppose you wish to discover whether a fantastic establishment is operating in your immediate area. Or you change location shortly and want to learn about hidden gems there. In that case, contacting professional local real estate agents would be best. They will bring you up to speed about regional schools and facilities in no time!

Why would you go to a relatively unknown college?

It’s a certified fact that these (not quite mainstream institutions) offer their students the same unique opportunities, a sense of community, top extracurricular activities, and outstanding career chances. Joining either of the following colleges or universities will grant you supreme knowledge and skills acquisition.


Therefore, you can pursue a bright career in various domains to prove that  technology doesn’t make us dumber. You can also save the planet by choosing to study clean energy technology. Suppose you are a sports enthusiast and take classes next to one of the top-performing sports cities in the States. Then, you have every chance to be recruited by a professional team! The top hidden gems in the US education system will deliver all these perks! 

Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, CA

If your lifelong dream is to pursue a career in engineering and science, looking into Harvey Mudd College (founded in 1955 as part of the Claremont Colleges) should be your top priority! However, this excellent liberal arts private college has a strict new-student policy with only a 14 percent acceptance rate. Under such circumstances, the facility enrolls under 1,000 students and features an eight-to-one student-to-faculty percentage. 


You can attend liberal arts and STEM courses. In addition, they encourage students to deepen their knowledge in psychology, philosophy, sociology, media studies, and political science.


The establishment ranked 29 on the list of “Best Colleges is National Liberal Arts Colleges” in 2022-2023. Its breathtaking suburban setting and the 33-acre campus provide the perfect backdrop for outstanding educational performances.

East Carolina University in Greenville, NC

Attend and major in technology and science at East Carolina University (founded in 1907)! The facility features nationally recognized STEM-related programs. Once you graduate, you’ll likely enjoy incredible and recession-proof employment chances. 


The public university has been drawing students with great scientific potential. Numerous technical breakthroughs can be connected to the brightest students’ work on campus. For instance, a heart valve surgery was realized with a robot’s assistance for the first time in medical history. 


This fine establishment boasts several outstanding rankings, such as the Patriot Award, number 61 on Niche’s Best Colleges for Public Health in America, and nr. 57 on Niche’s Top Party Schools in the US. Besides, the beautiful city of Greenville makes for one of the trendiest tourist destinations in North Carolina, which would be a pity not to explore!

Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA

GSU is a prestigious public research university established in 1906 and recently enrolled about 27,000 students. The facility provides 140 majors at all academic levels (bachelor, master, and doctoral.) The university’s main campus in Statesboro strongly supports wildlife and biology preservation. 


Visit its renowned Center for Wildlife Education, hosting countless species of reptiles, birds, and amphibians! Then, you’ll be awestruck by the establishment’s sheer devotion to the cause. 


The field of renewable energy is another of GSU’s key concerns. Why don’t you join the university attendees keen on inventing energy-saving practices, ready to save the planet? The best communities in Georgia even implemented some of them.

New College of Florida in Sarasota, FL

Did you know that the gorgeous city of Sarasota, Florida is home to one of the best-hidden gem colleges in the state? New College of Florida (founded in 1960) is a public liberal arts school enrolling more than 700 students. The establishment is an integral part of the State University System. 


One of its fascinating perks is that it has adopted a revolutionary assessment method. Firstly, the college values a can-do spirit, curious mentality, and creative experimentation over old-school practices. Thus, students don’t receive grades but evaluations and semester contracts pending the number of classes they successfully finish each semester.


Moreover, every undergraduate is assigned a personal career trainer who inspires them to participate in scientific research programs and community service. Also, they can benefit from professional internships. New College of Florida students were reported to receive the Fulbright scholarship (a cultural exchange program) in the highest percentage of any American educational establishment! How extraordinary is that?


You can choose to major in sciences, arts, and humanities. Secondly, their master’s degree programs are also remarkably colorful, with courses in applied sciences, business, finance, and technology.

Maine Maritime Academy in Castine, ME

Are you dreaming about learning marine science or engineering technology? Then, look no further! This exceptional public non-federal maritime establishment (founded in 1941) should be your number-one pick! The universally renowned facility enrolls slightly more than 1,000 students, so the selection process is meticulous (with only a 52 percent acceptance rate.) You can obtain an undergraduate bachelor’s degree in ocean studies, international business and logistics, and marine transportation.


US News ranked Maritime Academy number three on the list of top public schools and voted it eighth “best value school” in 2022. Plus, you don’t have to join the military after graduating from the Academy! 


These unique hidden gems give America’s most renowned national colleges and universities a run for their money! Though they enroll fewer students, the level of education they provide is on par with Harvard’s and Princeton’s. Plus, the student-teacher ratio is much more favorable. Thus you can benefit from more personal training time with your trainer. 


Furthermore, the colleges updated their curriculum to modern-day educational requirements. Consequently, you’ll find excellent undergraduate and graduate programs in technology, arts and sciences, and environmental concerns.


We recommend giving them a chance because the knowledge you acquire there will greenlight a prosperous future!

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