Butiq Media is a dynamic and creative production company specializing in crafting original and captivating stories across diverse media formats. With a strong emphasis on narrative innovation, Butiq Media produces content that spans drama, teen fantasy, dramedy, documentaries, and non-fiction series. Each project is infused with a unique blend of storytelling artistry, aiming to engage audiences with compelling plots and relatable characters.
Founded by Clari, a seasoned writer and producer with over two decades of experience in the industry, Butiq Media operates on the principles of human interest and genre-agnostic creativity. Clari's work, highlighted by the critically acclaimed documentary "La Perla After Maria," reflects a deep commitment to exploring human emotions and societal themes through a compassionate and inclusive lens.
From the bustling streets of Miami to the historic nuances of Old San Juan, Butiq Media's productions are grounded in rich, authentic settings and driven by a passion for telling stories that resonate on a universal level. The company's mission is to produce content that entertains, inspires, and enlightens, making it a standout in the landscape of modern media production. Whether through a gripping series or a powerful documentary, Butiq Media is dedicated to bringing diverse voices and stories to the forefront, making each project seen and felt.
Clari Lewis
Berlin, a city steeped in history and brimming with cultural dynamism, has served as a muse for filmmakers across the decades. Its storied past and vibrant...
Clari Lewis
Italian cinema, with its profound narrative depth and artistic expression, has played a pivotal role in shaping not just national but global cinematic culture....
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