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Selecting the best schools, colleges, and universities can be a hassle. We must consider the institution’s reputation, scorecard, location, tuition, and curriculum. It wouldn’t hurt either if the public or private college could provide real career prospects. After all, our children’s future is at stake. 

Curbing your enthusiasm doesn’t mean giving up on excellent education!

From the get-go, all school graduates and their parents will likely prefer top-rated universities, such as UCLA, Berkeley, Princeton, Stamford, Yale, or Harvard. Unfortunately, for many, joining an Ivy League academy will remain a dream. The application process is rigorous, and the tuition is pretty hefty. 


Thank God we have plenty of enticing alternatives in the best US states for education. So, don’t let impossible education perspectives ruin your day and future dreams! Instead, join us as we explore the best hidden gems in US education! 


Suppose you wish to discover whether a fantastic establishment is operating in your immediate area. Or you change location shortly and want to learn about hidden gems there. In that case, contacting professional local real estate agents would be best. They will bring you up to speed about regional schools and facilities in no time!

Why would you go to a relatively unknown college?

It’s a certified fact that these (not quite mainstream institutions) offer their students the same unique opportunities, a sense of community, top extracurricular activities, and outstanding career chances. Joining either of the following colleges or universities will grant you supreme knowledge and skills acquisition.


Therefore, you can pursue a bright career in various domains to prove that  technology doesn’t make us dumber. You can also save the planet by choosing to study clean energy technology. Suppose you are a sports enthusiast and take classes next to one of the top-performing sports cities in the States. Then, you have every chance to be recruited by a professional team! The top hidden gems in the US education system will deliver all these perks! 

Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, CA

If your lifelong dream is to pursue a career in engineering and science, looking into Harvey Mudd College (founded in 1955 as part of the Claremont Colleges) should be your top priority! However, this excellent liberal arts private college has a strict new-student policy with only a 14 percent acceptance rate. Under such circumstances, the facility enrolls under 1,000 students and features an eight-to-one student-to-faculty percentage. 


You can attend liberal arts and STEM courses. In addition, they encourage students to deepen their knowledge in psychology, philosophy, sociology, media studies, and political science.


The establishment ranked 29 on the list of “Best Colleges is National Liberal Arts Colleges” in 2022-2023. Its breathtaking suburban setting and the 33-acre campus provide the perfect backdrop for outstanding educational performances.

East Carolina University in Greenville, NC

Attend and major in technology and science at East Carolina University (founded in 1907)! The facility features nationally recognized STEM-related programs. Once you graduate, you’ll likely enjoy incredible and recession-proof employment chances. 


The public university has been drawing students with great scientific potential. Numerous technical breakthroughs can be connected to the brightest students’ work on campus. For instance, a heart valve surgery was realized with a robot’s assistance for the first time in medical history. 


This fine establishment boasts several outstanding rankings, such as the Patriot Award, number 61 on Niche’s Best Colleges for Public Health in America, and nr. 57 on Niche’s Top Party Schools in the US. Besides, the beautiful city of Greenville makes for one of the trendiest tourist destinations in North Carolina, which would be a pity not to explore!

Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA

GSU is a prestigious public research university established in 1906 and recently enrolled about 27,000 students. The facility provides 140 majors at all academic levels (bachelor, master, and doctoral.) The university’s main campus in Statesboro strongly supports wildlife and biology preservation. 


Visit its renowned Center for Wildlife Education, hosting countless species of reptiles, birds, and amphibians! Then, you’ll be awestruck by the establishment’s sheer devotion to the cause. 


The field of renewable energy is another of GSU’s key concerns. Why don’t you join the university attendees keen on inventing energy-saving practices, ready to save the planet? The best communities in Georgia even implemented some of them.

New College of Florida in Sarasota, FL

Did you know that the gorgeous city of Sarasota, Florida is home to one of the best-hidden gem colleges in the state? New College of Florida (founded in 1960) is a public liberal arts school enrolling more than 700 students. The establishment is an integral part of the State University System. 


One of its fascinating perks is that it has adopted a revolutionary assessment method. Firstly, the college values a can-do spirit, curious mentality, and creative experimentation over old-school practices. Thus, students don’t receive grades but evaluations and semester contracts pending the number of classes they successfully finish each semester.


Moreover, every undergraduate is assigned a personal career trainer who inspires them to participate in scientific research programs and community service. Also, they can benefit from professional internships. New College of Florida students were reported to receive the Fulbright scholarship (a cultural exchange program) in the highest percentage of any American educational establishment! How extraordinary is that?


You can choose to major in sciences, arts, and humanities. Secondly, their master’s degree programs are also remarkably colorful, with courses in applied sciences, business, finance, and technology.

Maine Maritime Academy in Castine, ME

Are you dreaming about learning marine science or engineering technology? Then, look no further! This exceptional public non-federal maritime establishment (founded in 1941) should be your number-one pick! The universally renowned facility enrolls slightly more than 1,000 students, so the selection process is meticulous (with only a 52 percent acceptance rate.) You can obtain an undergraduate bachelor’s degree in ocean studies, international business and logistics, and marine transportation.


US News ranked Maritime Academy number three on the list of top public schools and voted it eighth “best value school” in 2022. Plus, you don’t have to join the military after graduating from the Academy! 


These unique hidden gems give America’s most renowned national colleges and universities a run for their money! Though they enroll fewer students, the level of education they provide is on par with Harvard’s and Princeton’s. Plus, the student-teacher ratio is much more favorable. Thus you can benefit from more personal training time with your trainer. 


Furthermore, the colleges updated their curriculum to modern-day educational requirements. Consequently, you’ll find excellent undergraduate and graduate programs in technology, arts and sciences, and environmental concerns.


We recommend giving them a chance because the knowledge you acquire there will greenlight a prosperous future!

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The weather is warming up, the sun is beginning to shine brighter, and we’re all looking for the best ways to enjoy the incoming summer days. Of course, those living in Boca Raton get to enjoy the beautiful and warm sunny days more often than others. However, given the social distancing recommendations, natural adventures are both exciting and adrenaline-inducing while also being safe and out in the open. In other words, outdoor activities are ideal given the pandemic. You can have fun while you keep a safe distance from those around you as you won’t have a crowd of people in your immediate vicinity.

For those visiting or living in Boca Raton, Florida, the city has a wide variety of experiences available that allow you to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the environment around the area. For this article, we’ll focus on those natural adventures that get your blood pumping, your adrenaline rushing, and your endorphins skyrocketing you into an ecstatic mood. It’s easy to see why so many people contact the local real estate agents in Boca Raton FL to relocate to this natural paradise. So get ready to experience some of the most exhilarating natural adventures in Boca Raton.

Explore the Underwater World

Boca Raton’s top attraction is granted by the city’s ideal location on Florida’s eastern coast. Water-related activities are available in abundance, so don’t be surprised when several of these natural adventures require you to get wet. With the first option on our list, you’ll most certainly get wet as the underwater world can only be experienced once you’re submerged beneath the soothing ripples of the calm and clear Atlantic waters.

Around 40 minutes north of Boca Raton, you can find Phil Foster Park that provides some of the area’s best snorkeling adventures. However, if you want to avoid the rush hour traffic, you can go to the Red Reef Park, a fantastic snorkeling spot for adventurers. There is also the Force-E Scuba Center that doesn’t only offer snorkeling adventures but also the best outfits for underwater experiences and certifications for snorkelers and scuba divers.

Step by step, you’ll learn all that you need to in order to experience the underwater world. The complexity of marine life can be astounding for those who haven’t experienced it before, and it’s nothing like watching a documentary. As you’ll reach the bottom of the ocean floor, you’ll see the underwater world unfold before your very feet. The breathtaking Manatees will accompany your journey through their slow gliding swimming while you’ll get a chance to discover over 650 species of fish and 250 types of coral. Puffers, starfish, spotted eels, octopuses, turtles, and so much more live beneath the water, usually undisturbed by humans. Having the chance to interact with marine life can come with a magical moment that some may view as a fantasy. The beauty and calmness experienced underwater will make you want to repeat the adventure as soon as possible or extend it as much as you can.

Airboat your way through local wildlife

While we may step away from the marine wildlife through an airboat, you’ll get to step in, or rather boat in, the wetlands around Boca Raton. So this time, we’ll focus on the west side of Boca Raton, where the everglades flourish, and the alligators thrive. Do be careful with their sharp fangs; they tend to bite when provoked. 

The Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and Palm Beach area all provide a wide variety of airboat tours for those that want to experience the exhilarating sensation of skidding across the water in a high-speed boat that is barely submerged. The Boca Raton Airboat Rides offer tours of 1 hour, one and a half hours, and 2 hours for families that want to experience the swamp, the wildlife, camps, and islands. You can spot alligators, birds, and turtles amongst other species on these tours while you learn new things about the area. Loxahatchee Everglades Airboat Tours and Rides offer 50-minute rides through the River of Grass that connects with the Hillsboro Canal. 

Now, for those who want to experience the overwhelming thrill of encountering gators at night when they are most active, the Gator Airboat Night Tour gives you just that. Embarking on this memorable journey will definitely give you the best everglades airboat experience as darkness engulfs you and the eyes of alligators shine just above the water surface. Beware of your surroundings and remain in the airboat at all times. There is nothing that can make anyone think that an alligator wants some petting before hunting hours begin.

Discover Boca Raton from Incredible heights

As long as you don’t suffer from a fear of heights, the following experiences can provide some unforgettable memories of your natural adventures through Boca Raton. Now that we covered the on-water adventures available in and around Boca Raton let’s see what the above water experiences can bring. Whether you’re in an aircraft or floating high above the water, strap in tight and make sure your stomach is as relaxed as possible.

Close to Palm Beach, you’ll have the opportunity to try out hydroflying and see how it feels. This is an ideal experience for thrill-seekers, and even if you’re never experienced it before, that jetpack will get you up and flying in no time. While they only get to a certain height and need the water rush to keep you in the air, it’s still the closest thing we have for flight without an aircraft. If height is something that excites you and the distance provided by a jetpack isn’t enough for you, try parasailing. If you’ve never experienced parasailing, Boca Raton is the place to try it out. The water far below you, the soothing breeze, the surrounding natural beauty, and the scenic views will bring tears to your eyes that have nothing to do with the wind.

Eco-Tourism through Boca Raton

As an environmentally friendly city, Boca Raton’s sustainable living is translated even in its natural adventures. It personally doesn’t surprise us as eco-tourism should be an option if not a rule in most cities surrounded by water, rivers, mountains, and other natural reserves. Kayak tours are available close by in Fort Lauderdale, but some great experiences can also be found in the Wakodahatchee Wetlands. The 50 acres of wetlands that feature a three-quarter-mile boardwalk were created in 1996 for visitors who want to experience open-water ponds and islands independently.

The Gumbo Limbo Nature Center allows visitors to enjoy a kayaking tour of the mangroves. At the same time, Deerfield Island Park is ideal for those that want to enjoy a romantic getaway near Boca Raton. South Florida is a great area to experience kayaking, even for the first time. There are solo kayaks available for rent, tandem kayak rentals, and allow visitors to explore the marine environment from an above-water platform. Kayaks and paddleboards do not disturb marine life, and you’ll have a chance at a much closer encounter like this as they won’t get spooked by boat engines and propellers. 


Nature or the great outdoors can provide us with some of the best, and sometimes cheapest, options for adventure. The thrill of experiencing wildlife from such close proximity, being at the mercy of the elements, and enjoying every second of it is something that gives us the chance to appreciate nature truly. While visiting a museum can be an educational and even thrilling experience, depending on the type of museum, experiencing nature in its truest and rawest form is entirely different.

The city of Boca Raton, Florida, has so many things to do for its residents, from the most relaxing to the most exhilarating. But whether you’re a visitor or a new resident, these natural adventures will give you the best experiences this summer when safety and social distancing may still be required.

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No matter where you are, sooner or later you’re going to be hit by hunger. The most universal of experiences, this feeling will leave you feeling irritable and without energy unless you deal with it as soon as possible. When appetite calls, you’d better feed it, and fast. If you’re in a new and unfamiliar city, keeping yourself fed might prove a bit difficult. So what are you to do? 


Well, if the city you find yourself in is historic Clermont FL, you’re in luck; there are plenty of excellent culinary establishments where you can quell your hunger and slake your thirst. From savoury Asian venues to traditional Italian restaurants and all-American eateries, there’s no shortage of great places to eat. Frankly, the only problem you’re likely to encounter is difficulty in choosing which excellent restaurant to eat at! 


In this article, we’ll go over some of the most popular and highly regarded restaurants in the city of Clermont FL. We’ll explore the best options for a variety of different tastes and preferences, so as to give you options for any mood or craving you happen to find yourself struck by. With that said, let’s begin! Home Furnishing Capital of the World

Uncle Kenny’s BBQ

When it comes to food, most modern cities have quite a bit of variety when it comes to culinary styles and motifs. There’s no telling what types of restaurants you’ll encounter! With such an overwhelming amount of selection on display, you might find yourself longing for something familiar; a taste of home so to speak. 


If this feeling strikes, there’s no better place to find familiarity, warmth and homeliness than Uncle Kenny’s BBQ. This unpretentious, welcoming eatery offers a wide variety of southern classics like pulled pork, baby back ribs, steak and, of course, juicy, tender sirloin steak. All of this is served up in a bare-bones diner style environment that doesn’t distract from the excellence of the food on offer. 


If you’re unconvinced, just take a look at the Google reviews that Uncle Kenny’s BBQ has accrued over the years! With an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 and over nine hundred reviews, this little restaurant has gained a stellar reputation as a great place to eat. If you find yourself in the city of Clermont FL, be sure to swing by and check it out! 

Clermont Fish House

In the grand scheme of things, British food is something that isn’t exactly ubiquitous on our side of the Atlantic. This is more or less understandable; the market for kidney pie, marmite and Yorkshire pudding is not exactly thriving here in the States. In spite of this, our neighbors across the pond have actually been successful in exporting one of their most popular dishes. What is that dish, you ask? Why, fish n’ chips, of course!  


If you’re in the mood for this crispy and delicious treat, there’s one place in Clermont that stands well apart from the pack with its mouth-watering take on this British mainstay: the Clermont Fish House! This simple, unassuming fish and chips restaurant offers this and many other British and American fast food classics, making for a delightful eating experience! 


As far as reviews are concerned, the Clermont Fish House has achieved an almost mythical status among its patrons; despite its down-to-earth appearance, it holds a nigh-unbeatable score of 4.6 stars out of 5 on Google reviews. With over eight hundred and fifty reviews on record, there’s no doubt that this is the best place to nab a plate of Fish and Chips without visiting the British mainland! 

Cheeser’s Palace

When it comes to foods that have achieved near-universal popularity and acceptance around the world, cheese is one of the ubiquitous. This millenia-old culinary category of foods is home to a variety of dairy products ranging from the easily-made mozzarella to expensive and tricky-to make parmesan. 


If you’re a cheese lover passing through Clermont, there’s only one place that’s likely to display an attachment to cheese on par with your own: Cheeser’s Palace. This oddly but endearingly named eatery offers a wide variety of cheese-centric dishes, each more delicious than the last. Don’t let the name deter you from visiting: if you like cheese, you’re liable to think you’ve died and gone to heaven! 


Despite its atypical name, Cheeser’s Palace is quite popular with patrons. With nearly four hundred reviews and an average score of 4.7 stars out of 5 Google Reviews, there’s little question that this is the best place to satisfy your craving for dairy. Next time you’re in Clermont, don’t miss out; give Cheeser’s Palace a visit! 

Los Reyes

Despite its near-legendary status in the culinary zeitgeist, there’s one area in which American food sometimes falls short, it’s spice. Despite the wide range of flavours and palates available in American culinary culture, it’s undeniable that those craving something with a bit more kick are often left wanting when it comes to traditional American food. 


If you’re someone who likes their food with a side of red hot burn, you’ll find no better place to satisfy your craving than Los Reyes Mexican Restaurant. This homely little Mexican restaurant might seem unassuming from the outside, but don’t let its appearance fool you: inside you’ll find enough spicy tamales, enchiladas and tacos to make even the most seasoned lovers of spicy food shed a tear. 


The quality of their food and the unparalleled level of service is not lost on its patrons; with over two hundred and fifty reviews, the restaurant has gained an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 on Google reviews. If you’re looking for some high quality, low cost Mexican food, this is the best place to find it! 


With all this said, we think it’s abundantly clear that the city of Clermont isn’t just a great place to visit; it’s a great place to eat as well! But that’s not all that this city has going for it; with a superbly attractive real estate market, a long list of attractions and a thriving job scene, Clermont is also a great place to live!


If you’d like to make this charming city your home, your next step should be getting in contact with one of the excellent real estate agents in Clermont FL. These skilled, experienced real estate professionals will do their best to find you a home that suits your needs and your budget in as little time as possible. Before you know it, you might just be calling Clermont home! 

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When you think of Florida, we're sure one of the first things that come to mind are the white sandy beaches and the palm trees populating the streets. The gorgeous sunsets and the ocean vibes are a massive bonus for everyone looking for beachfront housing in some of Florida’s best coastline destinations. Truthfully, Florida is not all about the coast. Yes, it is unique and desirable for many, but people nowadays shy away from crowded places and big cities.


If you are looking for comfortable living in a tight-knit community with a quiet environment, you are in for a treat. The inland communities are just as great if not better than some of Florida’s popular coastline cities. Take, for example, the lake community of Land O’Lakes Florida, an ooze of natural beauty with forest views and lakes which make for a gorgeous residential area.


By weighing the pros and cons of living in Land O’Lakes FL you might be surprised at the quality of life, affordability, and family-friendly environment you can find here. The housing market is highly sought after, and the neighborhoods range from gated communities with mansions and luxury residences to single-family homes that offer lakefront views. Here is what you need to know about the Land O’Lakes housing market.

Land O’Lakes real estate market predictions

If you take a look at the real estate market through the US, you can see that people living in the metropolitan area tend to move away from the crowds in the big cities. Nowadays, people prefer a quiet environment, with less pollution, a tight-knit community, and family-friendly amenities are a great bonus for families looking for a new home. Many homeowners try to keep the Covid-19 out of their homes during the pandemic, and it seems more reasonable to settle down in an area where there are fewer crowds and, therefore, smaller risks to get the virus.


Scenarios like this can cause an increase in home prices in some of the city suburbs and a decrease in home prices in the big cities. If we consider the Tampa Bay area, the same trend can be noticed in the town of Land O’Lakes FL. Since 2010 the population growth was close to 14%, and home appreciation for the past decade has been close to 6%. Currently, Land O’Lakes median home value is around $273,000, and about 75% of households are owner-occupied.


Upscale neighborhoods in Land O’Lakes can reach median home prices of around $400,000 if you look at gated enclaves with luxury residences. Non-gated neighborhoods with single-family homes and family-friendly amenities catered toward the middle-class with lower home prices and more options if you are limited budget-wise. 


By looking into rental properties, there are not many options available since many who live in Land O’Lakes prefer to be homeowners. Only one-fourth of households in the lake community are being rented out, and the average rent stands pretty high at around $1,400/month. The city is also favorable because it has top-rated schools and low crime rates, making it a safe place to live for both you and your children.

Residential areas in Land O’Lakes Florida

Prices are rapidly scaling up in the lake community, and for good reasons. Many people enjoy the advantage of being conveniently located close to their favorite beach destinations and the big cities of the Tampa Bay Area, while not having to deal with the traffic, noise, and crowds of these areas. However, that is not the only advantage of living in Land O’Lakes Florida. 


Beachfront properties in coastal cities seem impossible to beat in terms of beauty and aesthetics until you discover the residential areas in Land O’Lakes Florida. Lakefront residences in the area offer attractive home options with beautiful scenic views. The lake community is known for the amazing ecosystem where you can find gorgeous residential areas with forest or lake views.


Neighborhoods such as Plantation Palms offer a family-friendly setting, and residents can enjoy the outdoors and the fresh air since the Cypress Preserve borders the community. The small and quaint neighborhood provides plenty of single-family homes with prices situated around $290,000.  


Another neighborhood populated with parks, lakes, and great outdoor opportunities is the Dupree Lakes. The community managed to preserve the ecosystem, and you can enjoy the flourishing fauna and flora along with the attractive housing options featured in the area. The planned community has over 660 homes, so we’re sure you will find one that suits your needs and tastes.


Other neighborhoods, such as Connerton, have easy access to major highways that allow you to travel quickly and efficiently. Route 41 and SR 54 pass through the community giving you easy access to any city in the Tampa Bay area including the Tampa Premium Outlet, for an outstanding shopping and dining experience. Other amenities include sports courts, fitness centers, swimming pools, and many others.


Neighborhoods throughout the lake community offer plenty of job opportunities, fun activities, and top amenities in an environment known for its gorgeous scenery. Be sure to contact top real estate agents in Land O’Lakes Florida, if you want to find out more about the neighborhoods in the area.


If you plan on finding a residential area where you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in an idyllic natural setting, then the town of Land O’Lakes FL is the place for you. The housing market in the area is sprawling, and so is the economy. The lake community has something for everyone, and their neighborhoods are known for their family-friendly environment with plenty of housing options.


By relocating to the lake community, you can discover the residential gem of Land O’Lakes FL, and find a nice place you can call home. If you enjoy the outdoors, you will love what this town has to offer, and you are going to enjoy the quality of life experienced by its residents.

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It’s not every day that someone decides to purchase a home, and while you're at it you might as well find something that fits your tastes and brings a smile to your face. Some love the fast-paced urban cities where there is always something going on, and it seems that the city never sleeps. Others prefer the more settled down lifestyle of a rural area with fewer crowds and noise, where the natural landscape prevails.


But, have you ever considered relocating to a coastal city. How about living in a home that offers you gorgeous ocean views, great weather year-round, and amazing coastal vibes? This image is probably reminding you of a perfect summer vacation, but wouldn’t it be great if you can have that experience year-round since you get to live in one of your favorite coastal cities? We are not talking about any city; we are talking about Miami FL, a getaway for Americans and foreigners alike.

It is probably one of the most popular coastal destinations, and for good reasons. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in such a place? We have good news for you! If you are reading this article, you are about to find out what it takes to live in one of Florida’s finest cities. Here is a bit of insight into what the housing market of Miami, Florida has to offer and what it takes to buy a home and become a resident in “The Magic City.”

Living in Miami FL

hipster holding a long board

 Enjoying the sunshine and hanging out on South Beach is probably what you are thinking of right now, but living in Miami FL is so much more than that. Finding the kind of lifestyle that fits you perfectly is what Miami is all about. Miami’s expenses might be higher than average, but many argue that it is worth every penny. Are you interested in finding out what kind of lavish lifestyle you can have in Miami FL?


The sprawling city provides you with a unique setting where you can enjoy more than 50 miles of beaches, and Ocean Drive offers you some of the most scenic ocean views even if you are just passing by the beach area or commuting. Miami’s cultural diversity is stunning. Upon arrival, you will notice the Latin-American influences over the city and the Cuban influence over the culinary world of Miami.


Enjoying a cup of Cuban coffee every day is a ritual. You can’t have enough of it if you love good coffee. And the sprawling culinary scene provides you with great eateries where you can enjoy affordable and hearty comfort foods or fancy dining settings with irresistible dishes.


Shopping can’t get better than what Miami has to offer at some of their enormous outlets. Bayside Marketplace is one such place where you can find some of the big name-chains along with plenty of entertainment opportunities such as live music, sunset cruises, and playgrounds for the kids.


Art is at its finest in Miami, FL. Wynwood Walls are a take on some of the finest street art anywhere in the world, and the city is an art in itself, especially in the Art Deco Historic District, where pastel buildings with classic neon signs bring the nostalgia of the 1940s and 30s. Artists from all over the world find their inspiration in beautiful Miami.


The coastal city never sleeps, and most noticeable is the nightlife scene. If you are looking for the perfect place to let loose, look no further than Miami. Some argue that here you can find the best clubs in the world. Wildlife is not just a word describing the crazy nightlife scene of Miami it is also representing the gorgeous natural environment in some of its areas where the fauna and flora are thriving.


More than 800 parks can be found in the sprawling coastal city, amongst which you can discover Oleta Park, the largest urban park in Florida. There is so much more that can be said about the city, but what about the housing market. How can you become a proud homeowner in Miami, Florida?


The housing market of Miami FL


We can see the glitter and glamour associated with this famous coastal destination, but all of it comes at quite a high cost when it comes to the housing market. The median home value is about $365,000, according to Zillow. Expect to come up with a hefty amount of money for the downpayment on your home.


Renters would have an even harder time maintaining a comfortable living since renters in some of Miami’s most popular areas are among the most cost-burdened residents in the country. The average rent price is about $1,700 but no worry, only the most popular areas in Miami have these expensive rent prices. For most of the part, if you are searching for rent in some of the least popular areas, you might be able to find something at around $1,000/month.


However, buying a home in Miami FL can be quite an achievement, and if your pockets are prepared for this investment, you are looking at a housing market that has all you might be looking for. With the help of top real estate agents in Miami FL you can really explore the depths of the housing market and find something that fits your lifestyle. Here are some of the residential areas, along with the type of homes you can expect to find for sale in Miami FL.


The type of homes you can find in Miami Florida range from single-family, townhomes, and condos. Each has its own price ranges and it might vary from one neighborhood to another. Condos are the cheapest options on the housing market with a median price of about $175,000, followed by townhomes at a median price of about $190,000. Single-family homes are known in Miami for being the most expensive housing option at a median home price of about $370,000.


Neighborhoods in Miami FL

houses in miami

 As far as neighborhoods go, there is a variety to choose from, and each offer certain amenities and attractions based on what kind of living conditions you are looking for. For young couples, a good area would be Padilla, which is located west of South Beach around the Biscayne Park area.


Communities for people who love the architecture and art vibes circulating around Miami should look for a home in the Wynwood Arts District located in the city core. The lively art and culture that predominates the district is mainly the thing that drives people to relocate here. You can also find quite a few trendy restaurants, food trucks, and local boutiques, which are a great addition.


Suppose you want to get some of the modern vibes of Miami along with ample job opportunities, you might want to look into Brickell. The Financial District of Miami FL is located here, and the influx of new restaurants and condos suggests an upwards trend for this community. A great neighborhood if you want a promoting career in Miami and love the urban setting.


If you want to get a real feel of Miami’s landscape for an authentic experience, you should consider buying a home in one of the oldest neighborhoods, Coconut Grove. Here you can find gorgeous waterfront property and a lush green landscape in a setting that retains its bohemian roots. An abundant boating culture, along with a family-friendly environment, makes it one of the best communities in Miami.


Aventura is another excellent neighborhood of Miami that is known for being affordable compared to other areas around it. The community features high-rise condos and top-notch shopping malls if you are a shopping enthusiast. It is also one of Miami’s largest suburbs with great schools and is located in close proximity to the beach.


Whichever is the future neighborhood you are prospecting, make sure you get in touch with our real estate agents in Miami FL, who can help you find the best home options and prices suited for your needs and within your budget.




Without a doubt, the sprawling coastal destination of Miami FL attracted many people, not only for the purpose of having a great vacation but also for becoming future residents. You have a culturally rich city with beautiful architectural buildings and amazing coastal vibes. Art, food, and entertainment are at its best in Miami, and buying a home in America’s most glamorous cities is going to be a dream come true. There is a neighborhood that suits every lifestyle, and you can be part of these fantastic communities. 


If you enjoy our content, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and family on your social media platforms. Let everyone know about the great residential areas of Miami Florida.


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If you’re thinking of moving to Port Charlotte, you’ve made a great choice! The community of Port Charlotte is a great place to live, with an abundance of attractive qualities such as low crime rates and a wide variety of things to do. However, if you’re planning on moving to Port Charlotte, you’ll have to make a decision on an important issue: will you buy or rent? 


This matter will have to be settled regardless where you move, but the decision you arrive at will depend on your budget, your plans for the future and the local housing market. So what is the best choice when living in Port Charlotte, Florida? Let’s find out! 

Buying a home in Port Charlotte 

First, let’s take a look at buying a home in Port Charlotte. This option has some prominent pros and cons that you’ll need to consider before you make your choice, but ultimately Port Charlotte is a great option, provided you have the budget for it. Now, let’s take a look at some of the upsides and downsides of buying a home in Port Charlotte. 

Pro: low median home price

One of the most compelling reasons to buy a home in Port Charlotte is the community’s low median home price. Port Charlotte has a median home price of $212,000, which is significantly lower than the national average. This makes it significantly more accessible to those with lower incomes, making it more plausible if you’re on a tight budget. 

Con: limited flexibility

Unless you’re very well off, it’s highly likely that you’re going to be taking out a mortgage in order to buy a home, rather than purchasing it outright. When you buy a home with a mortgage, it severely limits your ability to move around and experience life in a variety of places. If you aren’t fully committed to living in Port Charlotte, you might want to consider renting.

Pro: investment potential

On the other hand, one of the most attractive upsides to renting anywhere is investment potential. When moving to an area as primed for investment as Port Charlotte, you’ll want to take into account how quickly property is appreciating in value, and whether or not you want to put your hard earned money into investing in this locale. 

Con: financial requirements

Of course, buying a house is ultimately contingent on your financial situation and whether or not you can produce a large sum of money before signing the contract. Regardless of whether you buy a home outright or take a mortgage on one, you’ll need a lot of cash upfront. If you aren’t able to source this kind of money, you might want to take a look at renting. 

Pro: freedom to renovate your property

One of the greatest advantages of owning your own home is that you can change whatever you want about it, as long as you comply with your local HOA. You can redecorate, remodel or rebuild to your heart's content. Want to knock out a wall to open up that kitchen? Go for it! It’s your house; who’s going to stop you?  

Renting a home in Port Charlotte 

Now it’s time to take a look at your other option: renting. While it certainly has its drawbacks, renting offers a wide variety of perks such as improved flexibility, superior accessibility for those with limited budgets and the freedom to move at any time. Whether or not you choose this option depends on you; so let’s get you in the know! 

Pro: enhanced flexibility 

When you live in a rental, you have a lot more freedom than you might in a home that you own. You can leave at any time or once your lease is up, and find a similar rental in a new city. This means that Port Charlotte is a great option for those who aren’t totally committed to the idea of making this community their home, and instead would prefer to retain some flexibility. 

Con: poor investment value

On the other hand, one of the largest drawbacks of living in a rental is the poor investment value. When compared to paying monthly mortgage payments on a home, renting provides you with no long term investment options, as each monthly payment only serves to prolong your existing living arrangement, rather than going towards making the home yours. 

Pro: No maintenance costs

Of all the things that make renting a great option, this is perhaps the greatest: no maintenance costs! When you live in a rental, you aren’t expected to fix anything that breaks, or install any new modifications to your home. Your landlord will make sure everything is working well, and you won’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to maintenance. 

Con: increasing rent prices

Another thing that may deter you from renting is the possibility that your landlord will increase your rent. Unless your landlord signs a contract with you specifying that the rent will not increase in price, they can raise your monthly rent at any time without warning. This can leave you in a financially disadvantageous position with few or no options. 


Whether you rent or buy in Port Charlotte, one thing will stay the same: this community is a wonderful place to call home! If you’re interested in purchasing or renting a home in this locale, you’ll want to get in touch with the local realtors in Port Charlotte FL. These skilled, experienced real estate professionals will help you find a home that suits your needs and your budget, as quickly as possible. And once you’re there, we’re sure you’ll love Port Charlotte!

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Located right on the beach that spreads throughout the southwestern shores of Florida, Bonita Springs provides its visitors and residents with some of the best views of the Gulf of Mexico. Only a short 40-minute drive from either Cape Coral and Fort Myers, this small community is abundant with outdoor attractions for those that want to enjoy all the natural beauty available in and around the city. 


With countless coastal attractions to keep most people busy, living in Bonita Springs, FL will keep you as close to the beach as possible and there is nothing that isn’t available across the pristine white dunes of sand. The beaches that surround this calm and safe small town in Florida each have something in particular to attract visitors and residents alike. Whether you’re looking for excitement or a quiet day by the beach, you will surely find it across the amazing stretches that border the western edge where the city meets the ocean.


1.Barefoot Beach Preserve County Park


While easy to reach, you will feel like the city is miles behind you as you find this mostly untouched stretch of an undeveloped barrier island. Barefoot Beach is one of the few Floridian southwest coastal islands that were left as nature has intended them to be, free of man’s consumerism ways or noisy havoc that can disturb the wildlife. Only 15 minutes away from Bonita Springs, Barefoot Beach stretches across 342 acres of unspoiled natural land and it remains one of the best beaches in America. The reason for this is the gentle surf with light waves that are generally only measured in inches, with shallow waters which makes it perfect for sunbathing and swimming with your family. Children can also explore the area in search of shells and sand dollars that can be found right on the shore. Don’t be startled at the occasional gopher tortoise either as their crawl marks can be found in the dunes of sand. Some preferred activities besides sunbathing, tanning or swimming are kayaking, canoeing or simply enjoying the lush vegetation in this untouched natural beach.


2.Little Hickory Beach Park


For those seeking some basic amenities during their sunbathing, the Little Hickory Beach Park will provide a little extra that might make families more comfortable to spend a whole day out in the sun. This white-sand beach is a combination of a seclusion feeling which is its main attraction and a basic level of comfort through some picnic tables, parking, showers and restrooms available for visitors. Some who come here seem to enjoy surf fishing as well as the usual water-based activities. The beach is located on another small barrier island right on the edge of Bonita Springs which is easily accessible by car or by boat. Here, unlike at Barefoot Beach, you can find the Big Hickory Waterfront Grill, one of the best seafood restaurants in Bonita Springs, as well as hotels, resorts or apartment buildings and single-family homes. There are real estate agents in Bonita Springs FL that can zoom in on a perfect waterfront property for you right down by the beach. A short trip to Big Hickory Island can also be eventful or you can take a jetski to Bowtie Island Primitive Campground for some more excitement in the area.


3.Lovers Key State Park



While not too long ago these groups of four barrier islands had only been reachable by boat, recently, Lovers Key State Park has become a romantic destination for unforgettable, beachside weddings. One stroll around the islands and it’s easy to see why so many couples decide to come here to tie the knot. The views are spectacular, the island provides an intimate setting and the amenities are ideal for weddings. The name isn’t just a coincidence. Wide stretches of land undisturbed by too much development make for fairytale memories. While the site was initially supposed to be destined for luxury condominiums, the area was donated to the residents of Florida so that they could enjoy the beaches and mangrove forests in a preserved state for as many years as possible. For those that want to get a bit of extra wildlife experience, there are manatees and dolphins that can be easily spotted from a kayak or simply as you lounge under the shade of an umbrella with a cocktail in hand.


4.Bonita Springs Public Beach


Located between Little Hickory Beach Park and Barefoot Beach you will find several access points to Bonita Spring Public Beach. As the name suggests, this beach is public and accessible to anyone right behind a row of houses just off Hickory Boulevard. There is public parking available as well as bus stops at every access to the beach and several options for outdoor entertainment for the whole family. Whether you like to spend the evening by taking a walk along the sandy shores, shoes in hand as the breeze blows gently through your hair, or get sweaty and victorious during a game of beach volleyball, you will also find picnic areas with grills, restrooms as well as showers along the white-sandy shores. Its length makes finding a less crowded area easy and the free parking is always an added bonus. Taking a quick dip in the gulf while you also enjoy the amazing view of the setting sun couldn’t be easier than it is here.


5.Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park


Known for having one of the most pristine beaches in the world, the Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park attracts visitors every day of the year. With peaceful views of the Gulf of Mexico and plenty of opportunities to see countless shorebirds as well as wildlife around these parts, visitors often rent kayaks to paddle along the pass or remain on foot to sunbathe, hike, fish, bird-watch or set up a picnic table. Children will also enjoy gathering seashells while the adults try their rods in specific areas for trophy catches. Cruising something larger than a kayak or a jet ski is possible through the delicate natural estuaries of the Cocohatchee River that leads straight in the Gulf of Mexico as most vessels can pass through. For weddings or other special occasions, there is a pavilion that can be rented if you find yourself planning a more special event for more than a handful of people.




There are many areas throughout the Sunshine State that stand out, but Bonita Springs has been an unearthed secret for quite some time and it’s about time this lovely small town gets the recognition it deserves. With its location close to major cities and its spectacular beaches of white sandy shores, the city of Bonita Springs is ideal for families and even more so for seniors being a top retirement destination in Florida. As we focused on the aforementioned beaches, for now, we do not want you to think that that’s all the city has going for it but it’s definitely an important factor. The good quality of life and the coastal attractions makes anyone who comes here think twice about living.


Either of these beaches will surely draw you in and share your opinions with your friends about the best Florida beaches that you’ve seen. Like & Share this with friends and family so they make sure to pack their bathing suits the next time they visit you in your new waterfront home.




Have you ever visited a coastline city where you could walk your mornings on the white-sandy beaches? The warm sunshine touching your skin and the cool breeze of the ocean cooling you down. Have you ever considered going on an eating spree while getting to know some of the best restaurants in the area?


How much do you love spending your time by the waterfront, enjoying some of your favorite water activities? How much do you love exploring the culture of the city and getting to experience some of the best performances and cultural events? Do you know that there are actually places where you could absolutely do all those things? One such place is located on the West Coast of Florida and it is the city of Sarasota FL.


This mid-sized city is not too big that you could easily get lost and not too small to be boring. Sarasota FL offers the perfect balance between fun, relaxation, and quality of life that very few places can offer. Sarasota FL is a paradise for tourists and I want to show you why! Here are some of the top 5 things to see and do in Sarasota FL that will make you want to stay there forever.

Experience the Sunset food tours

Sarasota is probably one of the only cities that are able to accommodate pretty much all people from young professionals and singles to families and seniors. The neighborhoods of Sarasota FL have something for everyone, but one thing they all have in common is great food. You will be amazed by the culinary scene, back here in Sarasota FL and you will have a unique culinary journey.


One of the best ways to experience most of the amazing dining options through the city is through a food tour. Sunset Food Tours is a collection of food tours that take you through some of the most popular local community food eateries. Sunset Food Tours is a locally owned business that are foodies at heart who want to bring the amazing culinary experience of Sarasota close to your heart.


Their intimate tours highlight some of the hidden gems of the local community through food, drinks, history, culture, art, as well as memories that come along with tasty food. The food tours include Taste of Downtown Sarasota, Twilight Evening Drink Tour, Sarasota Art & Dessert Tour as well as St Armands Culinary Experience. The company also organized private tours for those interested, so make sure you don't miss out on this tremendous experience.


Mangrove Tunnel Kayak Ecotour

Nature is not very far from you if you come to Sarasota FL. In fact, one of the things you absolutely have to see and do if you come to Sarasota FL is the Mangrove Tunnel Kayak Ecotour. This tour is probably one of the most thrilling and exciting adventures you can experience in your life.


The mangrove forests of Florida form tight water canals that are not accessible by large boats but are explorable only by kayak. These shady canals and tunnels really give you the feeling that wildness took over and you will have the most close up encounter with the wildness you probably ever experienced.


If you want to explore Sarasota Bay, with a small group you will embark on a journey in search of wildlife such as manatees and dolphins. This tour will take you really deep in the mangroves to find even more interesting wildlife and plants for a memorable experience. This guided tour is led by a kayak guide that points out the way and you also get to work on your paddling techniques.

The beaches of Sarasota FL

If you haven’t seen the beaches of Sarasota FL, then you’re missing out on what are probably some of the most beautiful beach areas in Florida. The state has hundreds of miles of coastline that hold some of the world-class beaches. If you land in the city of Sarasota FL, you are one step closer to experiencing the world-class beaches of Florida.


Sarasota is well known for its keys which consist of two or more beach stretches. One that is commonly known and loved by locals and tourists is the Siesta Key. This area comprises Turtle Beach, Crescent Beach, and Siesta Beach. Siesta beach is the most common and loved because of its powdery white and soft sand, the emerald green waters that make for the overall breathtaking picturesque landscape.


Other options that are just as great are Venice Beach where you could check out the Venice Public Fishing Pier. Lido Beach is another favorite and it is located on the beautiful Lido Key. Also, the keys are split into North and South Lido Beach and they all have something different to offer. If you want to bring your canine friend along for some beach fun, Brohard Beach and Paw Park in Venice is the perfect place to be with your dog.


Learn more about art at the Ringling

We have already mentioned the fact that Sarasota FL is a culturally gifted place with plenty of performance venues, theaters, and museums where you could see some of the best performances. Whether it is music, art, theater or circus, here you could experience all of it.


One of the top attractions in Sarasota in terms of culture is The Ringling, a fine art museum located on Bay Shore Road. This museum was established back in 1927 when Marble and John Ringling donated artwork and ever since it has been a state art museum of Florida.


The museum consists of 21 galleries of American, Asian, European, and contemporary art as well as ancient artifacts from Cyprus. Over 10,000 pieces of art including drawings, paintings, decorative arts, photographs, sculptures, and prints are displayed here. The museum has works of famous painters and sculptors such as Bernini, Boudin, Duchamp, Velaquez, Poussin, and more.


Find a car that suits your style at Sarasota Classic Car Museum

Let’s admit it! We all have that one car that comes to mind when we are asked about our dream car. While some might prefer some of the newly released supercars that look like they come from the future, others can’t help but admire the beauty, simplicity, and elegance of a classic car.


If that is you, then you will definitely get lost for hours amongst the collection of vintage, exotic and one-of-a-kind cars at the Sarasota Classic Car Museum. This Museum proves yet again that the cultural scene in Sarasota is complete and unique. A classic car museum is a perfect place to delight your eyes if you are a car lover.


Located in a 60,000 square foot facility, the Sarasota Classic Car Museum is one of the oldest classic car museums in the USA. More than 75 cars are displayed here and some of them were the property of renowned people. Here you can see the 1965 Mercedes Benz model of John Lennon as well as Marble and John Ringling’s collection of Rolls Royce and many others. This is definitely a unique museum and it should be high up on your list of things to see and do in Sarasota FL.


The beautiful West Coast of Florida is one of a kind and it is considered by many one of the best places to live. Sarasota FL holds those standards up high and it is considered one of the undiscovered gems of Florida. There are so many things to see and do in Sarasota FL that you will hardly find the time to cover all of them. You would be better off getting in touch with one of the real estate agents in Sarasota FL and relocate here because it is so worth it. It’s almost like all the great things of Florida have been compressed and stored in one city and that city is Sarasota FL.


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As one of the newest cities in Florida, Palm Coast is often seen as a coastal paradise. You can find it on Florida’s East Coast, an hour away from Jacksonville, baffling in the sun and playing with the waves of the Atlantic. As a part of the Daytona Beach metropolitan area, the city of Palm Coast has seen its population doubling in the last decade. What is even more interesting is the fact that not only did it experience such a big growth in population but as the newest city in Florida, incorporated in 1999, it is also one of the most populous cities in Florida.


As a coastal paradise, Palm Coast has around 70 miles of coastline to which we have to add the amazing canals. There are no less than 46 miles of freshwater canals and around 23 miles of saltwater canals so it isn’t hard to find outdoor activities in Palm Coast, FL. From preserves to reserves, trails and archeological parks, some of these activities can really be considered unique so let’s dive in and see the outdoor beauty of Palm Coast, FL.

Waterfront Treasures

From a city known also as the Coastal Paradise, you are entitled to expect at least a few surfaced treasures. Palm Coast does not disappoint when it comes to the marvels of the water kingdom. 

Whales Migrating

For an amazing chance to witness some of the biggest underwater creatures surface through the waves you can find spots along the shoreline to witness Whales migrating from December all the way through March. It’s an experience that should not be missed if you’re ever in Palm Coast, FL. You can even enjoy a meal at an oceanfront restaurant as you scan the surf for these peaceful giants.

Marine Dolphin Adventures

For other peaceful marine creatures, pay a visit to Marine land Dolphin Adventures. Who doesn’t want to see, touch, play or swim with dolphins? The first aquarium ever built can give you all of that and so much more. It doesn’t matter if you’re a child - dolphins are highly intelligent and emphatic - or a retiree, these friendly mammals will be happy to see you, keep you company and splash you when you’re not looking. Aside from dolphins, here you can observe hundreds of different species of exotic sea life. To mention a few experiences, witness how sand tiger sharks eat or watch a sea turtle feeding, and, of course, the amazing dolphin training demonstrations.

The Atlantic Ocean

In Palm Coast, you also have the chance to enjoy some quality time in the dolphin’s home turf as the Atlantic has plenty of other treasures to share. You can surf the waves, kayak with dolphins, swim with the current, saltwater fish as well as paddle board, as only the sky's the limit when it comes to water activities in the Atlantic. Just make sure not to wander off too far and be careful not to get pulled in by the currents. Just wait for the current to dissipate, raise a hand in the air and start swimming parallel to shore.

Pristine Beaches

Speaking of the shore, did you hear about those beaches? Yes, the ones with honey-colored sand that sparkles like gold in the sunlight. Well, Palm Coast has a few of those and there’s plenty to share. We know, this is Florida and there are beaches all along the coastlines, but there’s just something about these amazing beaches that have people coming back every time. If you don’t believe us then go ahead and catch a wave.Here are some of the best waves on Florida’s east coast and you'll kick yourself if you miss then. Afterwards, you can go ahead and satiate your appetite from some oceanfront restaurants along the shore. The ocean’s view is something that will keep you rooted to the spot for hours but at least you’ll have what to do. There’s never a dull moment in Palm Coast. 

Inland Adventures

It doesn’t matter if you like golfing or if you’re one of those outdoor enthusiasts that like to walk barefoot in the woods, you’ll find these options and many more in Palm Coast, FL. Just take a drive on the Florida State Road A1A for a final glance at the ocean and let’s get on land.

Washington Oaks Garden State Park

As we are still close to the shore, we can take a short break in the Washington Oaks Garden State Park so the shock of a distancing ocean isn’t too much. Located on a strip of land that divides the Atlantic Ocean from the Matan as River, the gardens provide a mesmerizing landscape. Go and cast your lines in the water just don’t mix the freshwater rod with the saltwater rod because here you can do both. Not side by side because unfortunately, we can’t have it all. There is a 13-minute walk from the ocean to the river so don’t be too picky. For more cardio exercises you can go for a walk, hike or bike ride on the numerous trails that disappear in the forest as your children investigate the playground. Get ready for some wildlife sightings or maybe choose your wedding location in a unique spot.

MalaCompra Plantation

The next stop on your itinerary as you head further inland has to be the MalaCompra Greenway Trail or MalaCompra MTB Trail or even the MalaCompra Park if you want some more beach. These are all part of the MalaCompra Plantation which is one of the most important archaeological sites in Florida. Walk through history and understand how immensely we are still affected by things that happened centuries ago. An amazing one of a kind trail awaits for all those outdoor enthusiasts mentioned earlier. This historical site is something that you shouldn’t miss whenever you’re in Palm Coast.

Golf Courses

With so much land covered and so many amazing things witnessed, you can stop for a while and enjoy some peaceful games of golf. All along the coast, you’ll be able to find many golf courses available. The one problem that you might face is deciding where to actually hit the links. Ocean Course is located at Hammock Beach Resort so you’ll have more beaches close by - will we ever get away from the beach? -  with six holes along the beach. Another great option is Pine Lake Golf Club with 18 holes that cover more than 150 acres. It’s highly unlikely to not be completely satisfied with a golfing experience in Palm Coast. If nothing else works then just take in the view, relax and Ace the ball.

Once in a lifetime experiences

Now if you’re looking for those unique experiences, Palm Coast, FL has something to quench your thirst. We mean that both literally and figuratively as legends and facts come together in this Coastal Paradise even if it may take you a ride. Get ready for some amazing weekend trips that could have a strong impact on you.

Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park

After a short 34-minute drive from downtown Palm Coast up north, you’ll find yourself in St. Augustine. From one of the newest cities in the U.S., you’ll find the city that claims to be the oldest in the nation. Here you’ll find the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park. While the fountain doesn’t hold the answer for eternal life, it does spark interest and fascination as the past seems so present here. From the days when Ponce de Leon paved the way in 1513 as he searched for this mythical spring on his quest for a never-ending life to today’s attraction, the fountain came a long way. Go ahead and take a sip and tell us if it works. While you’re there, you can also stop by the St. Augustine Lighthouse as it’s known to be one of the top 5 haunted houses in Florida.

Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park

Now driving south from Palm Coast, FL for about 24 minutes you’ll find yourself in the middle of nowhere. Just kidding. There is a trailer park near-by and a small residential community but aside from that there’s only forest. Once you’re surrounded by trees, don’t get scared but follow the path and you’ll find Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park. The story behind these ruins may be simple but it’s fascinating nonetheless. This 1800s sugar, cane, rice, indigo and cotton plantation has been long deserted but somehow it manages to still have a few walls standing. That in itself creates a spectacular sight, but when you add the lush setting it appears to be engulfed by nature, reclaimed in a way that only nature can. Excursionists can enjoy a nice picnic here before they start traveling the winding trails that go all the way to the Bulow Creek where kayaks are available for rent.


One thing that I think we have learned is that a new city is not necessarily a city without a history. Palm Coast, FL made a strong case against that fact and taught us not to judge a book by the year when it was published. There are many places with a rich history, but combine that with amazing weather, that almost biblical coastal paradise and a holiday-like atmosphere all year long and Palm Coast, FL shines through. The city seems to check all the boxes for retirees but it is not only inhabited by seniors. Many families are also drawn to the charm of this sunny holiday card so if you feel yourself being pulled towards the honey-colored beaches just get in touch with realtors in Palm Coast FL to hash out the details.


Let us know in the comments below if this city managed to mesmerize you or at least spark your curiosity. Like & Share with friends and family who might be looking for an exotic destination close-by.

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Situated in northeastern Florida, the city of Jacksonville is a beacon of progress in northern Florida. From it’s clean, bright streets to the towering, modern buildings that line them, it’s a bright, modern metropolis in every sense of the word. With dozens of things to see and do, it’s truly a criminally underappreciated gem of a city.


However, as is the case with many other cities on the eastern seaboard, Jacksonville is directly in the path of the violent hurricanes that originate off the coast of western Africa and then travel east before hitting the continental United States. While there are certain precautions that can be taken to minimize the effects a hurricane will have on a city, the unfortunate reality is that nothing can fully mitigate the damage a hurricane will do.


Last year’s Hurricane Dorian was no exception to this reality; in fact, the storm’s unusual severity actually made it even more difficult to adequately prepare for. Several dozen states were to be affected by Dorian, and Florida was among those predicted to be most heavily affected by the hurricane. Although the hurricane ultimately missed the state, many lives were still affected by the storm. So what were these effects? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

What was hurricane Dorian?

Like most of the hurricanes that hit the United States every year, Hurricane Dorian originated off the western coast of Africa and began to make its way west. However, unlike many of the hurricanes before it, Dorian was exceptionally powerful. With winds in excess of 200 miles per hour, Dorian was designated a category 5 hurricane on September 1st, after hitting the Lesser Antilles and the Bahamas.

What was the response to hurricane Dorian?

Before reaching the United States, Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas. Dorian was the most severe natural disaster in the island nation’s history, leaving nearly fifty people dead and dozens more missing and injured. The storm also left a devastating path of destruction as it leveled homes and businesses alike and left thousands without a place to live.


In the wake of this sobering display, it became clear exactly how deadly failure to prepare could prove to be. State and local governments of dozens of counties in states on the eastern seaboard enacted emergency evacuation orders, asking families and homeowners to leave the area as soon as possible. Individuals hastily did all they could to hurricane proof their property and prevent damages from wind or rising water levels.


While the hurricane ultimately missed the city of Jacksonville, the financial damage to the city was undeniable. The cost of shutting down the city entirely, from closed schools to evacuated businesses, should not be underestimated. After all, the psychological and economic repercussions of an evacuation can often be comparable to the actual damage a storm may have done.  

Hurricane Dorian’s effect on Jacksonville 

Although Duval county was not the hardest hit by the effects of hurricane Dorian, it still sustained its fair share of damages. There were a number of different adverse effects on both the local economy and the residents who live there, although thankfully these effects were not as devastating as they were in other places.


The real estate market in Jacksonville was the hardest hit sector of Jacksonville’s local economy by far. Real estate prices dropped by thousands of dollars, and home availability shot up as homeowners scrambled to sell their holdings and move to a more stable area. This resulted in the development of a distinct buyers market in the area, favoring investors and homebuyers with the capital to take advantage of the lower real estate prices.


Local businesses were affected as well, to a lesser extent, particularly those situated on Jacksonville’s beaches. The mandatory evacuations forced many business owners to close their establishments or face going out of business. While these businesses did not sustain a great deal of damage due to distemper weather, the financial hit was undeniable.


Homeowners in Jacksonville were also affected to various extents. Some were left with minor damage to their homes, while others got off with simple evacuation. Despite the overall very limited effect on homes in Jacksonville, hurricane Dorian was a frightening reminder of just how vulnerable the state of Florida is to this type of storm. 


While the damage to property in Jacksonville due to the hurricane scare has been quite a scare, the city has been able to bounce back surprisingly quickly. Businesses closed during the storm were quickly reopened, and homeowners rapidly moved back into their briefly unoccupied homes. Today the city is as vibrant and full of life as it’s ever been.


If you’d like to take advantage of this prime market, why not get in touch with one of the best real estate agents in Jacksonville FL? These real estate professionals will help you find the best deals on real estate in the city, whether you’re a home buyer looking for a great place to live or an investor seeking a new market with lots of potential. Before you know it, you might just be calling Jacksonville home!


Did you find this article helpful? Want to leave some feedback, or ask a question? Just leave us a comment in the comments section below! We do our best to respond to each and every comment we receive, and yours is no exception. Enjoy Jacksonville!