3 Tips To Be More Patient

christie ferrari 2/3 9:38A Christina Ferrari
Hi all, At the beginning of the year, I asked you all on IG , TikTok and Amazon what your resolutions were, and to my surprise, ina way, one of the more popular answers was related to patience. -...

Our Mexico Wedding Pt. 2

The Style Bungalow 2/3 6:25A Stephanie
Situated 30 minutes outside of Mérida, Hacienda Tekik de Regil is a historic wedding venue full of hand painted murals, stunning architecture and Ichcansihó birds, one of the region s most beloved birds (also known as T’ho birds). To make...

Our Mexico Wedding Pt. 1

The Style Bungalow 2/1 11:07A Stephanie
Mérida has a rich cultural heritage with strong influences from Cuba and Spain, incredible food and some of the best magazine-worthy boutique hotels and Airbnbs. It’s also a short flight from Miami and Houston. When scheming locations for a...

THEY DEFINITELY ARE IN MIAMI (Dave Barry) 1/30 11:42P Dave
Why More Physicists Are Starting to Think Space and Time Are ‘Illusions’

Are your workout clothes helping or hindering your motivation?

christie ferrari 1/27 7:48A Christina Ferrari
Hi All, It’s January as I write this - albeit the end of it - and I bet many of us have tried on some old workout clothes with the goal of completing that new year’s resolution of working out. Perhaps...

MIAMI WILDLIFE UPDATE (Dave Barry) 1/22 12:41P Dave
We think the bird is a heron. The other wildlife unit is either an iguana or a squirrel wearing an iguana costume.

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas that work year-round!

christie ferrari 1/21 5:19A Christina Ferrari
Hello all! Excited to bring you a brand new post and today we’re talking Valentine’s (and Galentine’s) Day outfits that are great year-round! So of course you’ll notice some themes in today’s looks....

THIS HAPPENS FAR TOO OFTEN (Dave Barry) 1/20 6:14A Dave
Miami Man Injured by Falling Iguana During Outdoor Yoga Class

Our Small Religious Ceremony Pt. 3

The Style Bungalow 1/19 3:24P Stephanie
Having purchased our first home together, where better to have our cake and champagne reception than our backyard?!  well and a few hor d oeuvres. As we sought out companies to potentially cater a three-course meal in our backyard (a month before...

Our Small Religious Ceremony Pt. 2

The Style Bungalow 1/19 2:20P Stephanie
I won’t lie. Having purchased our first home together, paying for a postponed wedding in Mexico while dealing with the impacts of a pandemic, we weren’t exactly in a position to “go all out” and spend a small fortune on...

Our Small Religious Ceremony Pt. 1

The Style Bungalow 1/19 1:29P Stephanie
Hi friends! If you re here from Over the Moon, welcome! My name is Stephanie; founder of The Style Bungalow blog.  Today I’m sharing an in-depth look back at our weddings because I’ve found myself flooded with questions. Before I dive...

Managed IT Services Solution Consulting Firm in Miami

Miami BubbleLife iReporter 1/13 3:42P connect_r59290
Managed IT Services Solution Consulting Firm Our team of IT Solutions Consulting Firm Experts in South Florida specializes in working with your IT challenges, hardware and software procurement, network security assessments for vulnerability to...
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