Beauty Spotlight: Valmont

The Wordy Girl 4/12 4:03A The Wordy Girl
When it comes to my skincare routine, my dermatologist Doctor Roberta Del Campo stresses the usual important stuff: Practicing diligent sun protection (hello, sunscreen!), using The post Beauty...

White is the new White

Princess Martha 4/9 1:50A princessmartha.vhostevents
Look, let’s be honest, winter fashion is not really going to be a thing in Miami…like ever. Even when it’s cold, we still can’t do winter fashion because the sun is still tropical AF and you’ll end up melting by three if you’re in cashmere and...

A New Direction

Princess Martha 4/9 1:20A princessmartha.vhostevents
Guys, my son will officially be three this week and the fact is, he’s no longer a baby…which means, I no longer had an excuse for the baby fat. I made a conscious choice July 19 of this year. I started to count the calories and monitor my carbs....

Mad for Plaid

Princess Martha 4/9 12:56A princessmartha.vhostevents
Okay, I’m not really mad about anything but I am pretty happy to be able to wear something that can’t be worn during the summer months! I love this plaid number from Elizabeth and James. It’s actually pretty thick so if I did want to wear it...

Five Minute Face

Princess Martha 4/9 12:47A princessmartha.vhostevents
Effortlessly flawless…isn’t that what we all want? And essentially, we all had it. It is called youth. I can’t believe how often I look back at old pictures and see myself (not wearing any makeup) looking so fresh and perfect. Ahhhh…the youth is...

Juice Cleanse

Princess Martha 4/9 12:34A princessmartha.vhostevents
If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know that I successfully started and finished a 3 day juice cleanse.Most of the information I wanted to share about how I felt and what I did is available on my highlights reel on my Instagram...

What’s for dinner? Abs!

Princess Martha 4/9 12:17A princessmartha.vhostevents
Guys, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and so is the temptation to eat chocolate every single day…at least, for me it is. I have been working really hard to get into shape and even harder to stay in shape. That means, although I would...

Medical Marijuana with Surterra Wellness

Princess Martha 4/8 11:48P princessmartha.vhostevents
Guys, I never thought I’d be attending a sit down fancy pants luncheon for medical marijuana but life is like that…just when you think you know everything, life proves to you that you know nothing.At least that’s how I felt when it came to...

Zurich Fest (Fascht)

Princess Martha 4/8 8:22P princessmartha.vhostevents
Guys, we just spend the last three (3) days soaking up all the fun that the Zurich Fest has to offer. It’s an event that only happens every three (3) years and if you’re planning on coming to Zurich to experience it, here’s a couple tips/tricks...

Snuggle-pedic Mattress

Princess Martha 4/8 8:05P princessmartha.vhostevents
The saying “Beauty Sleep” comes from the thought that a decent night’s sleep is the essentially the fountain of youth…so you can imagine how I felt seeing my youthful 6 year old daughter looking tired morning after morning.I noticed that Mia...

The Polar Express on board the Brightline Train

Princess Martha 4/8 7:54P princessmartha.vhostevents
Christmas is my most favorite time of the year. Not only is it a magical time but it’s also the best time to do things together as a family.This year we kicked off the holiday season with a trip to Fort Lauderdale’s Brightline’s Polar Express....

Skims But Make it Amazon

The Wordy Girl 4/7 6:52A The Wordy Girl
I ve been eying the Skims cozy knit set for a while but when I spotted this three-piece set (yes, three pieces!) on Amazon for $45, I The post Skims But Make it Amazon appeared first on The Wordy Girl...

Read This: The Push

The Wordy Girl 4/1 6:48A The Wordy Girl
OH. MY. GAWD. This tome takes toxic mother/daughter relationships to THE NEXT LEVEL. The Push by Ashley Audrain is jaw dropper and I could not The post Read This: The Push appeared first on The Wordy...

My Ultherapy Experience

The Wordy Girl 4/1 3:34A The Wordy Girl
Need a collagen boost? If you answered “yes,” peep the video above which takes you along to my Ultherapy treatment. For those of you not-in-the-know, it’s a The post My Ultherapy Experience appeared...

Read This: It Ends With Us

The Wordy Girl 3/30 4:56A The Wordy Girl
It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover had me rooting for the underdog all along. It s a tale of how sometimes the one who loves The post Read This: It Ends With Us appeared first on The Wordy Girl .
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