Read This: The Stolen Marriage

The Wordy Girl 6/7 10:46A The Wordy Girl
One mistake, one fateful night, and Tess DeMello’s life is changed forever. The Stolen Marriage by Diane Chamberlain is an emotionally captivating novel of secrets, The post Read This: The Stolen...

A Face Oil You Oughta Know

The Wordy Girl 5/25 4:46A The Wordy Girl
I can t believe there was a time when I thought face oil was — gulp — unnecessary. For a time, I thought that using face oil would The post A Face Oil You Oughta Know appeared first on The Wordy Girl...

Comfy Heels Exist!

The Wordy Girl 5/24 5:45A The Wordy Girl
Fact: The older I get, the more uncomfortable I get in shoes with any sort of high heel. #ByeByeLoubs So when shoe brand Inez reached The post Comfy Heels Exist! appeared first on The Wordy Girl .

Fendi Caffe 411

The Wordy Girl 5/24 2:30A The Wordy Girl
Miami, are you ready for the newest most Instagram-able spot? Look no further than the Fendi Caffe. My daughter (clearly, the apple does not fall The post Fendi Caffe 411 appeared first on The Wordy...

Read This: The Lost Apothecary

The Wordy Girl 5/18 3:53A The Wordy Girl
After my friend recommended The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner, I read the description: A female apothecary creates poisons to liberate women from the men The post Read This: The Lost Apothecary...

The Beauty Bar Lash & Brow Couture

The Wordy Girl 5/11 5:22A The Wordy Girl
If I could go back in time I would change this major beauty faux pas: Waxing my eyebrows à la Pamela Anderson in the 90s. The post The Beauty Bar Lash Brow Couture appeared first on The Wordy Girl .

Chanel Foundation Feelings

The Wordy Girl 5/8 8:36A The Wordy Girl
When it comes to makeup foundation, I am an Armani and Koh Gen Do devotee. For a complete list of my makeup repertoire, click here. The post Chanel Foundation Feelings appeared first on The Wordy Girl...

Date & Cashew Smoothie Recipe

The Wordy Girl 5/5 9:47A The Wordy Girl
My all-time favorite lunch spot — menu wise — in Miami is Miami Juice Bar in Sunny Isles. If you know you know! On their The post Date Cashew Smoothie Recipe appeared first on The Wordy Girl .

Brand to Know: Ba&sh

The Wordy Girl 4/29 3:05A The Wordy Girl
My daughter and I took a stroll through the Miami Design District this past Monday where we stumbled upon a new boutique: Ba&sh. The brand The post Brand to Know: Ba sh appeared first on The Wordy...

Cook This: Turkey Picadillo

The Wordy Girl 4/25 1:12P The Wordy Girl
Turkey Picadillo is a lighter alternative to my favorite Cuban beef picadillo dish only it s made with ground turkey instead. I actually prefer this The post Cook This: Turkey Picadillo appeared first...

My Current Makeup Musts

The Wordy Girl 4/22 2:18P The Wordy Girl
Prior to Covid, I was never a makeup person. But that all changed after falling into endless YouTube makeup tutorial wormholes with Vogue, Kim Kardashian, The post My Current Makeup Musts appeared...

Beauty Spotlight: Valmont

The Wordy Girl 4/12 4:03A The Wordy Girl
When it comes to my skincare routine, my dermatologist Doctor Roberta Del Campo stresses the usual important stuff: Practicing diligent sun protection (hello, sunscreen!), using The post Beauty...

White is the new White

Princess Martha 4/9 1:50A princessmartha.vhostevents
Look, let’s be honest, winter fashion is not really going to be a thing in Miami…like ever. Even when it’s cold, we still can’t do winter fashion because the sun is still tropical AF and you’ll end up melting by three if you’re in cashmere and...

A New Direction

Princess Martha 4/9 1:20A princessmartha.vhostevents
Guys, my son will officially be three this week and the fact is, he’s no longer a baby…which means, I no longer had an excuse for the baby fat. I made a conscious choice July 19 of this year. I started to count the calories and monitor my carbs....

Mad for Plaid

Princess Martha 4/9 12:56A princessmartha.vhostevents
Okay, I’m not really mad about anything but I am pretty happy to be able to wear something that can’t be worn during the summer months! I love this plaid number from Elizabeth and James. It’s actually pretty thick so if I did want to wear it...
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