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Information, Inspiration, Action (Inspire Health) 3/22 11:31A Inspire Health Magazine
Tell us about the Health Channel. Working with world-class healthcare organizations, South Florida PBS Health Channel is tackling issues such as mental health, cancer, and medical breakthroughs with original and [ ] The post Information,...

Hamstring Strains (Inspire Health) 3/21 12:05P Community Press Releases
Hamstring strains are probably one of the most common injuries seen in athletes. These injuries generally present as pain or tenderness in the back of the leg while in use. [ ] The post Hamstring Strains first appeared on Miami's Community News .

Push Button Dentistry (Inspire Health) 3/21 12:03P John Fakler
For the uninitiated, the terms sound like high-tech products launched by Silicon Valley start-ups. In fact, they are among the latest dental procedures offered by Dr. Lawrence Lesperance in his [ ] The post Push Button Dentistry first appeared on...

Capillus Launches Science-Backed Hair Wellness Supplement for Men and Women (Inspire Health) 3/21 11:06A Bill Kress
The natural protein supplement is formulated for optimal healthy hair restoration   Capillus, one of the leaders in hair regrowth and restoration using laser therapy devices, today announced the launch [ ] The post Capillus Launches...

Amplified Healing (Inspire Health) 3/21 9:49A Michele Gust
What if you could decrease the inflammation in your body in just a couple of hours while taking a power nap, and with no harmful side effects? What medications could [ ] The post Amplified Healing first appeared on Miami's Community News .

Pregnant Women Need Iron (Inspire Health) 1/13 7:40A Community News Releases
For years it has been well known that pregnant women need folic acid for the baby’s development. That’s the main reason for prenatal vitamins. Iron is also required for your [ ] The post Pregnant Women Need Iron first appeared on Miami's...
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